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Dear Friend,
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When Derek Prince visited India almost 22 years ago, he and his wife, Ruth, ministered to over 2500 pastors and leaders—and Derek Prince Ministries-India was born. Since then, through the continuing distribution of Derek’s teachings, great advances in the Gospel have taken place throughout India, driving back the powers of darkness, and bringing light to this nation that Derek loved.

This year, however, India has been badly affected by COVID-19. The fears generated by the media and negative medical reports have literally put people into a spiritual “lockdown.”  However, pastors with whom we have worked for years are sharing reports of how teaching received from DPM is helping them to stand strong in these difficult times.

Here is what one pastor shares:

“Thank you so much for bringing us this sound Biblical teaching. It has helped us to face every situation without fear—and also to bring hope to our church members, many of whom were beginning to despair.”


Many pastors in India come out of non-Christian backgrounds. Lacking a foundation in biblical truth, they are susceptible to deceptive doctrines and false teachings in India today which skirt around repentance, holiness, and the need for commitment. As a result, the church in India is floundering. But thanks to the clear teaching available through DPM, these pastors are being brought into the transforming light of the Word and the Holy Spirit. 

One pastor testifies:

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Presently, places of worship have opened up in most states. While large gatherings in the thousands are not yet allowed, smaller church activities are well under way. Distribution of material is again possible because movement of goods across the country is unrestricted. We are hopeful that in the upcoming weeks, restrictions on travel will also be relaxed.


As we anticipate greater freedom of movement, we believe the Lord is directing us to “prepare the storehouse” in advance. We want to be ready to meet every opportunity He opens up in the days ahead. We sense the Lord realigning our priorities for greater distribution of our DPM material to many India 0920 article pic3more thousands of Christians across India. These believers need to be better equipped to share His love and light with communities around them.

During the mandated lockdown, we have been actively working on a growing selection of Teaching Letters, updating our websites, and continuing with translations. However, as India steps into “Unlock Phase 4,” and we see a return to a new normal, believers will need to be equipped with resources which help them overcome fear and see life in the light of eternity. With our substantial archive of Derek Prince teachings, we are perfectly positioned to address this need.


Our objective is to provide teaching that will bring pastors and their congregations to new depths of intimacy with Jesus Christ. As this happens, they will be eager to share the love of Jesus with others. 

Through our faithful team, we plan to print and distribute many more books—including 3,000 copies in English, Tamil, and Hindi of Victory Over Death, The Harvest Just Ahead, The Coming Revival, Longing for His Appearing, Prophetic Guide to the End Times, Surviving the Last Days, and Protection from Deception.

Another exciting prospect for our work will be resuming our pastor training seminars. In addition, we plan to strengthen numerous outreaches, including renewed distribution of Graduate Gift Packs to new Bible college graduates. In 2019 we provided these gift packs to 93 colleges totalling almost 5,500 graduates. The recent travel restrictions forced the postponement of these training seminars and graduations. Soon, we and those who partner with us will resume the wide dissemination of Derek’s teaching throughout the country. We are eager to step back into the harvest field.


Would you please stand with us as we bring life-changing teaching to the nation of India? In the upcoming year, we hope to print in excess of 63,000 books at an average cost of just 90¢ each. Could you help by sponsoring 10 books ($9), 50 books ($45) or 100 books or more ($90+)?

Perhaps your desire is to see more pastors trained to study and teach the Bible effectively to their congregations. Would you like to support our pastor training efforts, which cost about $40 per pastor?

Maybe you love the idea of seeing new graduates equipped to grow in their knowledge of the Word and their experience of the Holy Spirit. If so, please consider supplying Graduate Gift Packs (about $15 for a selection of Derek’s books) to graduating Bible students throughout the nation.

If you are not in a position to give financially, would you please support the work of DPM-India with your prayers? In the days ahead, with your help, we can seize every opportunity to make Jesus known throughout our nation.

With thanks and blessings, 

elsie danny and Dick