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Dear Friend,

     Have you ever felt “soul-weary?” That sense of tiredness which goes way beyond the physical? A weariness deep down inside you?

     It’s not uncommon for this condition to arise in times of high stress—such as what the entire population of the world has been experiencing over the last few months.

     Other times, we become “soul-weary” from pushing ourselves too hard—driving ourselves in our job or straining beyond reasonable limits. Often, life itself squeezes us, grinding us to the point where we feel weary to the very depths of our being. But there is good news for you and me—a hopeful promise about the Lord: He restores your soul.

Tired Deep Inside

     Recently, my wife, Cindi, and I took an entire day to clean out a storage area at our home. It was taxing work—removing all the contents, building shelves, lifting and toting heavy items, hauling stuff to the dumpster. In the past, I had found the physical exhaustion coming from that kind of heavy labor to be almost rejuvenating—a “good tired.”

     But this time, it didn’t work that way. Inside, I was still depleted. When I told Cindi that even though I was tired, I mostly felt “soul-weary,” she knew exactly what I meant.

     No amount of physical effort could touch the soul-weariness I felt.

Will We Relent?

      How do we get ourselves in such a state? In my case, I think I just kept pushing and pushing beyond reasonable limits. Working too many hours—carrying too many concerns in my own strength. Ignoring my own and others’ warnings that I needed to slow down.

     Even when it’s our own fault, the Lord still graciously offers us the promise of rest and restoration—such as His beautiful words to His people in Isaiah 30:15: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

     It’s a wonderful promise, isn’t it? If we read on, however, Isaiah’s next words are sobering: “But you would not.” Instead of relenting, the Israelites decided to push on in their own strength. Here is the stark truth: to receive rest from soul-weariness, you and I must agree to “cease from our works” (Heb. 4:10). He promises—but we must be willing.

Learning the Lesson

      Can we learn a lesson from the stubbornness Isaiah cited? Might you and I choose another path? David spoke of that better choice in the promise of Psalm 23:3: “He restores my soul.” (It is interesting that in the sentence just before, David says, “He makes me to lie down in green pastures.” Is rest something the Lord insists upon—even when we may not be willing to do it ourselves?) He restores your soul…but you and I must cooperate.

     The supreme solution to soul-weariness is offered by Jesus Himself in Matthew 11:28–29 (NIV): “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke…and you will find rest for your souls.” “Come;” “Take;” clear steps of obedience.

     The promise of God expressed by David in Psalm 23 and declared by Jesus in Matthew 11 is utterly reliable: He restores our souls.  But we must be willing partners.

A Step of Obedience

     This matter of willingness is closely tied to the principle of obedience. In a message called “Approved in Christ,” along with a wide variety of other topics, Derek Prince focuses on the matter of obedience in a very helpful way.   
     What is the key to remaining in Christ? Please say it with me: “Obedience in small things and in great things.”

     I meet many people who say, “If God asked me to do something big, I’d do it.” The truth of the matter is that God has been asking them to do little things and they haven’t been doing them. God will never ask them to do something big, because that’s not His way.

     Every one of us could think of somebody who said, “I’ll really serve you. I’ll do anything.” That is, until you ask them to do a small thing. And they won’t do it. I have learned by experience that Jesus was exactly right. People who are not reliable in the little things will never be reliable in the big things.

     So, how do we remain in Christ? Very simple. Just do what He says. Whether it seems little or big is unimportant. What is important is obedience. 

Turning to Him

     I’ll ask again. Rest for your soul? Is this what you desperately need and seek?  The soul-weariness we face may not be all our fault. But it could stem from a need for us to pull back from our own efforts by a simple step of obedience. Let’s do that now with this prayer.
     Dear Lord, I am dealing with a weariness deep inside of me. I don’t know whether it is my own doing, or simply the pressures of life and the challenges facing me. Whatever the source, I confess to You—I am soul-weary.

     I hear You asking me to take a simple step: to cease from my own works. With this prayer, I lay down my attempts to solve the problems facing me. My efforts haven’t worked, Lord. So instead, I am placing my entire focus on You.

     I take my stand now in the promises I have just read. The Psalmist assures me You will restore my soul. I also hear Your promise, Lord Jesus, that by coming to You and taking Your yoke, I can find rest for my soul.

     I want this rest, Lord, and I ask for it now. I step away from my own methods, and I receive the help and restoration You alone can provide. Amen.

A Powerful Remedy

     With this prayer, you and I have just opened ourselves up to the best and most powerful remedy to soul-weariness that could ever be imagined. I have no doubt that the Lord is already moving through us by His Spirit, touching frazzled areas and infusing life into our entire being. Let’s stay “plugged in” to receive every bit of rest He wants to supply.

     As this restorative process continues, we would like to offer an additional resource that can help. I heartily recommend Derek’s message, “Approved in Christ,” from which we took his quote on obedience. Beyond the point we cited, there is substantial truth in this teaching—along with some anecdotes that will touch you deeply.

     It is our pleasure to make Derek’s message available to you free of charge. It is just one more way for us to stand with you in these unprecedented times, and to thank you for standing with us as well through your prayers and contributions. Many lives are being touched by Derek’s teaching legacy, and you are a vital part of all we continue to do.

Warfare against Weariness

     One more word to keep us focused. Daniel 7:25 talks about the enemy’s efforts to “wear out the saints (ESV).” (The NAS version says, “wear down the saints.”) In other words, the enemy we face is working to make us “soul-weary.” Far beyond our own busy lifestyles that wear us out, this strategy comes against us from the very pit of hell.

     But the Lord has given us His Word as a weapon to fight back. In this letter, we have re-affirmed the wonderful truth found in the words of David and the promise of our Lord Jesus. (Keep in mind, you and I must be willing partners in receiving these promises.)

     In the face of every scheme or circumstance designed by the enemy to wear us out or wear us down, you and I can stand in this powerful truth: He restores your soul!
All the best,
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Dick Leggatt
President, DPM–USA

P.S. Thank you again for your partnership with us in the work of Derek Prince Ministries. We are honored to stand with you in these days. Please make sure to download Derek’s helpful teaching: “Approved in Christ.”

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