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Dear Praying Brothers and Sisters,

Every six months, the Derek Prince Ministries’ China team put together a report of our work in China. The aim of our ministry to China is simple: to use every means that we can to take in Derek Prince’s teaching to serve China’s growing church.


China’s Current Religious Situation


On February 1st, 2018, China’s new religious regulations became official law. They remove much hard-won freedom over the last 20 years from China’s believers.


During a visit in December of last year, one of our China team met with pastors who have been known to us for a long time. They spoke of these new regulations forbidding any form of teaching in the church - the Communist Party, in its new regulations, states that teaching is the sole right of the Chinese Communist government.


In two provinces, many churches have been told no children are allowed to attend meetings, even infants have been banned from Sunday school. Christian leaders are removed, many Bibles confiscated, even some churches closed down. Another pastor reported that he had been told any gathering over ten people would face a punishment of a fine for each of the believers of the equivalent of £1,000.


Some readers may find this hard to believe, but a Chinese saying explains it: China’s model to the world is to be “loose (apparently!) on the outside and tight on the inside”


We need to see the spiritual dynamic in all of this: China’s church is growing faster than ever, and it is playing a significant role in reaching the nations outside of China. That is the cause of this spiritual battle.


As we write, we are exploring how widespread will be the implementation of these new regulations. For us in DPM, it merely changes the way “we do business”. If the church has to break into smaller groups, then in one sense Derek’s teaching becomes even more valuable, because it can provide vital resource, in audio-visual, audio and written form, for those who lead smaller groups.


PRAY FOR: The authorities in China in their pursuit of these new religious policies. Pray for the church to be given great wisdom as to how to handle the new situation.


Perhaps these words from a sister in China who communicated with our team sum up the power of prayer:

“A mustard seed is very small, but if it’s inside the soil of Jesus Christ, it will grow. It will spread everywhere. No matter how much the enemy persecutes it, it will be stronger and stronger. The history of the church has already proved this.” -- Sister Z


DPM’s Literature Program in China


Given the situation, we felt the Lord prompted us to focus in the first half of this year on Derek’s teaching aboutChinaPrayerLetterFeb2018p0 prayer and also fasting. To that end, our Chinese team has completely re-translated and edited two of Derek’s key books on prayer: “Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting” and “Praying for the Government”. Of course, in the sensitivity of the current situation, we have actually changed the name of the second book, since the English title could be seen as ‘provocative’.


Our heart’s desire is to see China’s church returned to its roots of prayer and seeking the Lord. Some of our team have often visited Wenzhou, which suffered enormously in the Cultural Revolution (1966-76). But, as a result, they set up a 24-hour prayer network. Today, Wenzhou has the highest percentage of Christians anywhere in China. It is also the focus of severe repression and attacks on the church from official sources in the last two years.


We will print a minimum of a hundred thousand copies of these two books on prayer, which we have actually run into one volume for efficiency’s sake.


PRAY FOR: God’s powerful anointing on Derek’s books on prayer, that many would be inspired and empowered to seek the face of the Lord for China in the current difficult situation, that indeed, history would repeat, not just in Wenzhou, but all over China.


The “30 x 13” Project


This project (30 of Derek’s core teachings across 13 languages—our focus and responsibility being Chinese!) was finalized, and completed at the end of last year. We continue to be thrilled to see the ripple effects resulting from that - and we give huge thanks to the Lord for the generosity of the Foundation who funded that entire project.


In September’s prayer letter, we mentioned the study guide that was being translated to accompany the audio teachings. Currently there is a brother in China whom we are inviting to use these study materials (on USB/OTG stick) for tutoring groups as he travels across China. That is a huge potential, and we seek the Lord for His enabling.


Sharing Derek’s Teaching through the Internet in China.


We continue to be thrilled by the way the Lord is giving us new avenues of communicating via the internet, making Derek’s teaching available through two websites and the WeChat platform. We have shared on this before, but we continue to roll out Derek’s materials – audio-visual, audio and in pdf book form – on these two websites. One website is designed for Chinese believers outside of China, one for inside China. The WeChat Smartphone app is massively used inside China and also outside China is available for anyone with a computer or cellphone or tablet.


A Chinese DPM team member comments:
“Based on what I have seen on WeChat, the capacity of our Christian WeChat platform is incalculable and very flexible. Some of Derek’s books could be shared chapter by chapter on WeChat if necessary in future.”


And: “God’s Remedy for Rejection” is truly a good teaching and could bring healing for individual and families. China needs more of this type of book on inner healing, family, marriage etc. From the online communication with Christians in China, I find the need of such teaching is huge. They face high rates of divorce; and broken families in China make people thirstier for such teaching.”


Rather than say more here, let me share some quotes and testimonies sent in by our Chinese brothers and sisters (but first, some facts and figures):

  • The 'inside-China' Chinese website (www.yeguangming. has been viewed around 10,000 times up to the time of writing. 

  • The number of believers visiting the WeChat platform of Derek’s material has tripled since last September. 

  • Some individual articles on the platform received more than 400 clicks in two or three days.



Quotes from Believers in China


“No matter how bad the situation is, I could receive hope and light from Father without limitation, and get victory in any circumstances.”
(This message was left after watching the first lesson --- “Exchange on The Cross”)


“I have learned the lesson on the way this morning. Truly, I am very happy the whole day. Derek Prince has a heart for God, it is my honor to meet his teaching. I will focus on the Lord and listen to His Word. He will lead my way.”


“The first lesson of Derek Prince is easy to understand. Simple and clear. ‘The work on Calvary is complete...’ This lesson helps me understand more the salvation given by Jesus and His cross. Also, I now have more understanding and know more on what is a curse. An easy lesson, but one which really gives me a lot of benefits! Thanks for DP’s teaching.”


“Several years ago, I watched some sermons of Derek Prince, I saw that he has a heart of a father and eagerly helps people to understand the Bible’s truth...”


“Thank You Lord for these good articles which are building our lives!” - Sister F


 “God’s medicine is really good. Thanks for sharing Derek Prince’s teaching. Thank You, Lord!” -Sister R


A brief sentence from Brother G sums it up. He writes:
Continue the work. Emmanuel.”


Bless you for joining with us in providing these much- needed foundational books to help firmly root our brothers and sisters in the truths of the Word of God.

Yours in His grace,


Ross Paterson
Director, Derek Prince Ministries: China


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