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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Exciting testimonies are coming in from across Africa testifying of the impact of Derek’s teaching upon the lives of those who read his books and listen to his messages. Below are some highlights of the ministry taking place through our South Africa co-workers—the office team, as well as churches and ministries that network with us.

South Africa


Pastor David M. of the Eritrean Church in Pretoria has been teaching a weekly Bible study from Derek’s Foundational Truths for Christian Living book for several years, with 50 people attending. He recently began teaching “live” on Facebook in the Tigrinya language. There are 25 who take part “live” and 100 who follow up later!
A doctor in Burgersfort works with Arabic, Eritrean and Chinese patients. She passed on a copy of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose in Amharic (Ethiopian language) to an Ethiopian man. He was so impacted by the teaching that he shared it with his family and friends both here and in Ethiopia when he visited at Christmas. Many have now been deeply affected by this book. This doctor has since requested Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course and other book titles.

MegaVoice® Solar Players


A total of 100 solar players will be distributed to Bible schools, prison chaplains, hospital outreach workers and radio stations in 13 African nations. These solar players each contain 400 hours of Derek’s teaching. 

Radio Broadcast Expansion


We have broadcast Derek’s teaching on Impact Radio for 21 years and would also like to air it on other stations. Here is a testimony that came in from a radio listener:



“I want to thank you for the word you are bringing to our lives every morning. I thank God you are in my life. Every day I listen to you on Impact Radio. I also buy your CDs and listen to your messages. They are very inspiring, and I have grown spiritually. I am no longer a baby Christian. Christ lives in me, and I love Him with all my heart. I want to serve Him and go to Heaven when I die.”


Outreach to the Venda People


SA2Hope Ramaphosa is an educator who has used Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course for over 11 years to impact the Venda people. Her classes became a series of lessons, and now her students can obtain a certificate upon completion. Lives are being changed through just this one book!



A South African couple, Dries and Valerie, lead DPM’s outreach in this nation. Eight of Derek’s teachings have been voiced in Malagasy and are now being aired on five radio stations around the country. Responses to the broadcasts are amazing, and listeners are seeking more teaching! Dries also was able to purchase a catamaran in order to reach and serve the coastal villages, distributing Derek’s teaching material. It arrived recently, and his team has already made their first ministry trip along the coast.

Zambia - Graduate Gift Packs


SA3“Greetings to you and the ministry staff for sending these books that will be used both for personal spiritual growth and the training of students at Zambia International Theological College. This month, as a church, we have the study on deliverance as our theme, and the arrival of these books could not have come at a better time. Please convey my heartfelt gratitude to the entire staff.”  —Bernard Mwepu



The Lembe tribe are an ancient Jewish people group of Aaronic priestly origin. The Lembe people are hungry for good Bible teaching as most of them have accepted the Messiah! We are planning to get Derek’s foundational teaching to them in the Shona and Ndebele languages, as well as in English.

Please join us!


People all across Africa are suffering from poor Bible teaching and, if left uncorrected, upcoming generations will be affected as well. There are many great Bible teachers, but none as balanced and easily understood as Derek Prince. That is why we are making every effort to translate and distribute his teaching material wherever God opens the doors and provides co-workers. Thank you for partnering with us to reach those who are spiritually hungry across the African continent. Your prayers and financial support will make a huge impact upon Africa!
Isabella Surgeon, Director
Derek Prince Ministries–Southern Africa


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