Dear Friend,
     We are coming to you once again on behalf of Pastor Gopaljee, who has directed DPM’s work there for over 20 years, along with his wife, Ganga, and their faithful co-workers.
     First, we want to thank you for your generous response of humanitarian aid in 2015 to meet the needs caused by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in April of that year. This disaster impacted many churches and pastors whom Gopaljee oversees. Your gifts to help provide shelter, food, water and other basic supplies were a great encouragement to them. Gopaljee and members of his church traveled to the hardest hit areas, distributing what you provided directly to church leaders personally known to him. His team also ministered to many unbelievers in the process.
     Gopaljee has been responsible for the translation of scores of Derek’s books as well as the printing of hundreds of thousands of copies which have been distributed all across Nepal. He has been serving DPM voluntarily while also pastoring a local church. In all these efforts, another urgent demand has arisen. To effectively continue DPM’s ministry in Nepal, Gopaljee and his team desperately need a newer vehicle.

     About 15 years ago, one of our DPM offices purchased a four-wheel-drive vehicle for Gopaljee, so he was able to deliver Derek’s material to pastors in eastern and western Nepal. After 10 years, this vehicle was no longer economical to repair and was sold. Since then, a small car has been used. But now it also needs major repairs. Most of Nepal’s roads are in very bad condition and were made even worse by the earthquakes. These conditions make driving difficult—even treacherous—especially on ministry trips to mountain villages. Regular requests also come for Gopaljee to speak at churches and conferences across Nepal, creating the need for reliable transportation he can depend upon to travel safely and arrive on time.
     Here is probably one of the strongest aspects of this need for a vehicle. Public taxis in Nepal will not carry a dead body to a Christian burial site. So the previous vehicle owned by DPM–Nepal was the “Christian hearse” in Kathmandu, along with its normal use to carry Derek’s material (as well as “live” people) to conferences and camps.
     Warren Smith, DPM’s New Zealand director, told us, “Gopaljee has done so much for earthquake victims and used the money we all raised to help others but has patiently waited for the Lord’s provision for himself. Also, the city government demolished part of his church two years ago so they could widen a road. So, any cash Gopaljee had was used to rebuild his church walls and do repairs.”

GopaljeeGanga2     We would very much like to provide funds to help Gopaljee purchase a good, used four-wheel-drive vehicle. This would enable him to continue visiting pastors and churches, especially in hard-to-reach areas—supplying them with Derek’s teaching material.

      Our goal is to provide $38,000 to help Gopaljee with this expense. (In addition to the already high cost, the Nepalese government charges a 100 percent vehicle tax as a main source of raising funds for itself!) A reliable vehicle would be a great encouragement to Gopaljee and his team at the beginning of this new year.  

     Would you please commit this matter to prayer? Then, if the Lord directs you to give, would you click the link below and contribute whatever you can toward this critical need and play a part in DPM’s ministry in Nepal? Your support and prayers are a lifeline to our worldwide outreach needs, and we are so grateful to you for partnering with us.
Thank you for your prayerful consideration!
Derek Prince Ministries–USA