New Zealand: Healing testimony


— Posted on 3rd October 2016

Our office in New Zealand received a wonderful testimony from a supporter:

“Many years ago, I had a terrible skin disease. The only treatment was permanent steroids. But God led me to Derek Prince. He was the only person I could identify with as he was in the hospital a whole year [with a skin disease].

Through listening to and using God’s Word as my prescription and declaring it three times a day [as Derek had], God eventually brought me through. This was prior to 1983. I was told it would have been a terminal illness and only He knows the hell I went through.

I am now 80 years of age and just wanted you to know how grateful I was, and still am, for the wonderful encouraging Word through Derek and Ruth. I still listen to Derek’s radio broadcasts.”

India Outreach: nine women delivered of terrible demonic possessions

18th October 2016

During a women’s seminar in Mumbai (India) nine woman were mightily deliveredI DPM India Director Elsie taught on 'The Divine Exchange"and as she proclaimed the victory of Christ over the Kingdom of Satan, two demon possessed women threw their hair open and danced right up to the front, the demons manifesting wildly. But praise God, in a minute she was on the floor, completely delivered.

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