Keeping DPM in Prayer


September 20th - 26th


September 20—Thailand

  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for coordinators, Alex and Jan, as they oversee new DPM translation projects in Thailand.

  • Pray for successful printing of the new translation of the Self-Study Bible Course

September 21—China
Pressures on the churches in China continue, as well as Covid-19 dangers as churches slowly reopen with social distancing. There are also other battles, such as recent severe floods. So, continue to pray for the DPM–China team, especially those located inside China. 

Praise Report – China
We have had a tremendous increase of online users who have been accessing Derek’s Chinese material during the pandemic. There have been 150,000 eBook downloads, 10,000 views monthly on WeChat, and use by 170,000 people on our mobile App! 

September 22—Vietnam

  • Pray for God’s protection, guidance, and wisdom for two pastors (in two different cities) who coordinate the two DPM translation teams.

  • Pray for their families and churches in this communist country as they seek to reach people with Derek’s teaching. A DPM co-worker was recently under investigation by the police, so pray the work will continue unhindered. 

Testimony - Vietnam
We are students in Ho Chi Minh city and are so blessed by Derek’s book, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. We used to think that once a person believes in God, all curses are automatically broken and taken away, but through studying this book, we recognized things from the past that are still controlling us. After studying, we decided to gather to break those curses. We were all touched by the power of God. Thank you so much for this powerful teaching. 

September 23—New Zealand

  • A large church ordered 60 Derek Prince titles for their library. Pray that many people will read these books, apply the truths taught and be changed.

  • A city in New Zealand is putting several of Derek’s books into their four main public libraries. Pray for many people to read the material and be helped by his Bible teaching. 

September 24—Australia

Pastor Raj in Western Australia wrote this letter. Pray that this begins a good partnership with the Indigenous community in this region.

  • It will be my honor to partner with Derek Prince Ministries. I have gone through your books and believe these books would be good for the indigenous ministers, elders and other people whom I know doing outreach in Aboriginal communities in the Kimberly region, as well as our ministry. I believe to start with the Proclamation Cards would be great for people who give their lives to the Lord for the first time. Once they respond, we can give the rest of the books and lead them in other areas. These would be a great tool. 

Testimony – Australia
Thank you so much. I really appreciate DPM. The teachings are a real blessing. We extensively use Derek’s teachings (books, DVDs, YouTube teaching) at the Restoration Centre, a 12-month rehab based on Christian teaching. Pastor Warren loves Derek Prince material and I also love the teachings - so clear, concise, biblical, and spirit-filled. God Bless you.                    — Mark, Restoration Centre, Richmond, New South Wales 

September 25—Philippines
Light TV in the Philippines will broadcast proclamation messages and the Word from the Word devotionals in the national language, Tagalog. Pray that many people will see and hear these and be blessed and encouraged! 

Testimonies - Philippines
Derek’s two-minute Word from the Word devotionals in the Tagalog language are proving very popular. Two pastors commented:

  • “The words and reflection fit perfectly. They speak God’s truth and are very humbling for the reader/listener.”

  • “I deeply meditated on the verse this morning and studied the lesson you shared; I’m so blessed.” 

September 26—Myanmar

  • A Bible School was recently given a selection of Derek’s books for their library. Pray for this material to be widely used to help the students build a strong biblical foundation.

  • Pray for God’s protection and provision for the Director and the team in this Buddhist nation and for new opportunities to share Derek’s teaching after the pandemic. 




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