Keeping DPM in Prayer

 June 24th - 30th


June 24—Ukraine

  • Pray for successful production of new Ukrainian translations this year and the Lord’s anointing upon those involved. Two new titles will be translated and printed, and two titles will be reprinted.

June 25—Germany

  • Pray for the Lord’s clear guidance on the next steps for outreach to the German-speaking people.

  • Pray for wisdom in selecting the next material to translate and produce, as well as reprint, and for all finances needed to be supplied.

  • Pray for the 1400 new contacts made through a recent campaign to stay connected with the ministry and be willing to help share Derek’s material as well as give financial support. 

June 26—Rwanda

  • The Self-Study Bible Course is now available for distribution in the Kinyarwanda language. Pray that these books, along with some Bibles in the same language, will cause many people to have their lives transformed as they grow in their knowledge of God.

June 27—Canada

  • Pray for divine appointments from the Lord to reach new areas and ministries in Canada.

  • Pray for the Lord’s vision and priorities for outreach to be clear for Director Bob Yeo and the board members.  

June 28—Poland

  • Pray for God’s wisdom for Marek and Agnieszka for new ideas for spreading the gospel in Poland and for new coworkers to help them.

  • Pray for the new books just released, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior and Declaring God’s Word, to be effective tools in bringing strength, encouragement and inspiration to many believers. 

June 29—United States

  • Pray for more prisoners to make contact with DPM to request Derek’s material, which is provided free of charge on a monthly basis to those who write in.

  • Pray for contact with more prison chaplains who would want Derek’s books for their prison libraries as well as for Bible studies they hold for the inmates.   

June 30—Ethiopia

  • Pray for anointing and encouragement for the new translator as he works on the Amharic translation of Complete Salvation and How to Receive It.

  • Pray for God’s blessing and strength for a pastor who has been involved with DPM in Ethiopia for many years and continues to serve.




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