Keeping DPM in Prayer


July 18th - 24th

July 18—Macedonia

  • Pray for continuing translation and editing work on new titles by Derek. We especially need help with editing and proofing. 

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to equip and empower Macedonian believers for fruitful ministry through the Word of God and Derek’s teaching.

July 19—Australia
Pray for new contacts and partners to work with us to share Derek’s teaching with the Indigenous community across Australia.

July 20—China

  • The China team continues to create more Chinese material. Pray for increasing use of Derek’s teaching on the WeChat platform inside China, which is very important.

  • Outside China, pray for many to be impacted by Derek’s Chinese material on Twitter, Instagram and other Apps. The team is also building a new Chinese App.

  • Two new books in Chinese are nearing completion: The Coming Revival and Hearing God’s Voice. Pray for many Chinese believers to be encouraged by this teaching.

July 21—Thailand
Pray for the provision of needed finances to create audio books from our Thai-language manuscripts of Derek’s teaching. 

July 22—Timor-Leste (East Timor)
Derek’s two-minute Word from the Word devotional programs are being broadcast for the first time four times a day in the capital city, Dili, on Radio Voz. Pray for many to tune in and be blessed by these messages. Several more automated radio stations will begin to broadcast Derek’s teaching this year. 

July 23—Vietnam

  • Continue to pray for God’s protection, guidance and wisdom for Pastors “D” and “A” (in Ho Chi Minh city and Danang) who coordinate our two translation teams, and for protection for their families and churches.   

  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection on the worker who has begun voicing Vietnamese audio books of Derek’s teaching. 

Outreach Reports:

  • The Self-Study Bible Course is being used to teach and train local church leaders. One man was very motivated after applying the teaching and has now reached many people from a highlands tribal group with the Gospel.

  • A seminar was held for 12 tribal pastors and leaders, and 85 church members from nine local churches. Derek’s books, The Divine Exchange and God’s Medicine Bottle were distributed to attendees.

  • In Da Nang, a seminar was held for 24 women as well as a pastor’s seminar for 30 pastors where The Divine Exchange; The Three Most Powerful Words; Immersion in the Spirit and Self-Study Study Bible Course were distributed.

  • Derek’s books have been given to 30 pastors and leaders at 22 local churches who are training 50 pastors and other leaders in Hanoi. 

“Thank you so much for the DPM books and seminars. My ministry and I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit in reading and studying these books. They are very helpful, edifying, life-changing books. We are using them in our Bible schools and distributing them to leaders of different denominations. Thank you for giving us a ‘treasure.’ May God bless you greatly.”                          —Pastor “T” - Home church network, Central Vietnam

July 24—Japan

  • Pray for good physical and spiritual health for our Japanese translator “Yvonne” and proof-reader Ritsuko, and that all translation work goes smoothly.

  • The daily devotionals from Derek’s book, Declaring God’s Word, are now being translated by “Yvonne” and will be released on the DPM–Japan Facebook page and website ( Pray for her as she works on this project.





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