Keeping DPM in Prayer


April 21st - 27th


April 21—Hungary

  • Pray for wisdom, strength and good health for Zsolt and Erika as more responsibilities are increasing their workload.

  • Pray for partnership with other ministries and local churches in spreading Derek's teaching. 

April 22—Japan
DPM’s Japanese translator attended a conference for pastors and leaders in February on the topic, “Israel and the Church,” to raise awareness of DPM’s presence and the Japanese teaching material available, including through the website ( Japanese-language Proclamation Cards and flyers were given to attendees, and samples of Derek’s material was on display. Pray that many will avail themselves of his Japanese teaching and tell many others about the website.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
Several thousand copies of Derek’s book, The Divine Exchange, have been printed in Japanese for the first time by a partner ministry and distributed to people living in Okinawa (the largest of the Okinawa Islands, 640 km south of Japan).

April 23—New Zealand

  • A selection of Derek’s books was given to indigenous (Maori) Christian leaders in the Anglican church throughout the South Island. Pray that this material will be a great blessing to them and that they will share the truths in Derek’s teaching with their congregations.

  • Last December, complimentary copies of What’s So Important About the Cross? were given to 600 donors. Pray that these books will have a great impact on many lives. 

Praise & Thanksgiving: Vanuatu
A wide selection of Derek’s books was sent by the New Zealand office to Global Harvest Center in Vanuatu for a conference of 140 pastors and leaders from 70 churches in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
We recently had the opportunity to give a selection of Derek’s books to indigenous (Maori) Christian leaders in the Anglican church throughout the South Island!

April 24—Romania

  • Pray that Derek´s 30 core video teachings will help church leaders equip and train believers to become Christian leaders in Romania.

  • Pray for increased demand for Derek´s books and for more Spirit-filled translators and volunteers to help Monica and Fanel distribute his material.

  • The book, They Shall Expel Demons, was the bestseller in 2018. Pray for the teaching to be practiced by those who read it so that many will come to freedom in Christ. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
We have more and more Facebook friends, and many people who didn't know Derek's teaching are now being touched by it. Praise the Lord!

April 25—Netherlands

  • In May, a conference will be held with DPM–China Director, Ross Paterson, teaching and also sharing about the political and spiritual situation in China. Pray for safe travel for Ross and for many Dutch believers to gain a greater desire to pray for Chinese believers and be willing to support the work of DPM in China.

  • Pray that through the new book, Christ’s Last Order, many will answer the call of Jesus to share the Gospel of the Kingdom. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
We are thankful that the new book, Christ’s Last Order, is ready for publishing.

April 26—East Africa

  • Pray for the translators and printers working on book projects in Kenya to produce quality work and meet their deadlines.

  • Pray for Derek’s teaching that is available in East Africa to be well received and used wisely for the maturing and edification of the Church here.

  • The distribution team has encouraged many with Bibles and Derek’s materials. Pray for the believers to have a growing love for God’s Word and solid Bible teaching. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We have received good response from prison wardens in Kenya and Uganda of how the Life-Changing Spiritual Power books have been a big part of the prisoners’ spiritual lives.

  • We have been able to access orphanages by having fellowship with them and going through Life-Changing Spiritual Power and the Self-Study Bible Course with the older children, which has made them feel loved. Testimonies are amazing, such as, “I used to hate reading the Bible because I didn’t understand it, but now it is beginning to make sense and I love it.”

  • We are grateful to Wilson Mamboleo, one of Derek’s students from the late 1950s and early 1960s, for writing the Foreword to Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting. His influence as a statesman of the Church in Kenya will bring welcome attention to the book. 

April 27—Cambodia
Pray for a greater awareness of DPM’s dual-language Khmer/English website and that many people would view and download free teaching that’s available.  (
Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Late last year, the team visited four prisons and presented the Gospel to over 1,500 prisoners and 65 officers, giving out copies of the Self-Study Bible Course and What’s So Important About the Cross? in the Khmer language, also leaving a few books for the library. The prisoners were very, very happy, and many came to salvation!

  • We also gave out these same two books to over 200 people at a drug rehabilitation center.




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