Keeping DPM in Prayer

August 19th - 25th


August 19—Iraq/Kurdistan

  • Most Christians have left these nations due to war and Isis, but a great hunger for Jesus is seen. Pray for God to send workers to this harvest field and for Derek’s teaching to encourage many.

  • Pray for the team to reach more people with Derek’s material and see lives changed! 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Albert’s trip to Baghdad and Erbil was fruitful. He met priests and other Christian leaders, visited three Christian radio stations, Christian bookstores, and secular bookstores that offer Christian books.

August 20—India

  • A pastors’ teaching seminar will be held for elders in Chandrapur on August 21–22. Pray for Directors Elsie and Danny as they lead this and for refreshing and revelation for attendees.

  • Pray that these leaders will make good use of the material they will receive, grow spiritually and also help their congregations to grow through Derek’s teaching. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Elsie and Danny recently traveled into SE India where they held two seminars for pastors and leaders, and one for a church. A public meeting was also held daily. While most people only talk about persecution in India, they were able to preach the gospel unhindered. The grounds only accommodated about 100 people, but hundreds more listened from their homes in this rural area through the public address system.

August 21—United Kingdom

  • Pray for strengthening of relationships with churches and ministry organizations across this region and an increased interest in Derek’s teaching for use in ministry and outreach.

  • Pray for successful completion of the new format of the Foundations material being developed and that it will become a widely used and helpful tool for house groups and new believers. 

August 22—United States

  • Pray for more connections to ministries working with college students and for Derek’s teaching to play a bigger role in establishing these young people in their faith.

  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance in moving forward for those involved in this outreach. 

August 23—Solomon Islands

  • Pray for strength and wisdom for DPM representative and business woman, Tele Bartlett, and Hudson, the DPM coordinator, as they serve DPM across this island nation.

  • Derek’s radio programs are broadcast nationwide five days a week. Pray for thousands to tune in and have their lives changed by the Word of God through the Holy Spirit. 

August 24—Poland

  • Pray for the Lord’s favor for Marek and Agnieszka and their team so it will bring increased distribution of Derek’s materials through local churches and Christian bookstores.

  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to increasingly influence Polish believers. 

August 25—Albania

  • Pray for successful distribution of the Albanian book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power.

  • Pray that God will use all of Derek’s books to impute hope, stir up faith, and have a life-transforming impact upon all who read them.




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