Keeping DPM in Prayer


May 24th - 30th


May 24—New Zealand
Pray that Derek’s book, The Destiny of Israel and the Church (updated), which was recently donated to over 500 supporters across the nation, will be used to help educate many believers about Israel and the lie of Replacement Theology. 

May 25—Solomon Islands

  • Pray for ongoing good health and strength for very busy DPM representative and businesswoman, Mrs. Tele Bartlett, and her family.

  • Pray for the upcoming promotion and distribution of Derek’s teaching in numerous churches in the Solomon Islands. 

May 26—United States
Pray for the Lord’s vision and guidance regarding future outreach to youth and college students and that current relationships with youth leaders and ministries will be strengthened. 

Indian Subcontinent
May 27—Sri Lanka
Many books and SD cards were distributed to pastors and leaders during a ministry trip in February. Pray for this teaching to bring much fruit in the lives of those who received them, and that transformation will come to the Church in Sri Lanka. 
Outreach Report
In February, a team from the New Zealand and India offices joined Sri Lanka staff on a trip throughout the nation, teaching from Derek’s material and ministering to many hundreds of pastors, other Christian leaders and individuals. Seminar attendees who were hungry for God’s Word said the teaching was very relevant for them and they were greatly encouraged.                             

May 28—India
Directors Elsie and Danny regularly conduct training sessions for pastors and other leaders using Derek’s teaching material. Pray that those who receive training will go forth and train others in their localities. Sound doctrinal teaching is the need of the hour in India where there is much false doctrine and prophecies. 

May 29—South Africa

  • On a recent trip, Director Isabel and her brother, Andrew, met with 85 Lemba (of Jewish ancestry) pastors and other leaders who were given Israel gift packs in a special four-hour presentation attended by 200 Christian leaders. Pray that this material will have a huge impact on the Limpopo/Venda region.

  • The week after this event, the organizer, Hope Ramaphosa, a long-time ministry friend who has used Derek’s teaching extensively, experienced a severe spiritual/physical attack and needed emergency care. She is still recovering after three operations and is studying Derek’s teaching on spiritual warfare, which she will use in her Bible school in Venda/Limpopo Provinces. Pray for her total restoration and the Lord to continue to use her powerfully. 

May 30—Republic of Congo
A group of 22 French pastors graduated from MET (Missionary Exposure Training) in Pretoria, and each one was pleased to get a gift pack of DPM’s French material. This included a set of the Foundations DVDs, Self-Study Bible Course and a book. The pastors were connected to DPM–France’s website, mobile app and online French material, as well as to their distributor of Derek’s French material in Congo. Pray that the material they received will be used well in their ministries.




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