Keeping DPM in Prayer


December 5th - 11th

December 5—Nepal
Pray for the smooth reprinting of many of Derek’s Nepali books and that any restrictions in place due to Covid will not hold up distribution.

Testimony – Nepal
“Thank you for sending Derek Prince books to me; I had been asking friends to bring his books. I have been able to learn and practice fasting, prayer and intercession, and healing – especially in praying for the sick and expelling demons. In our part of the country there is so much demon possession because people are ignorant of the one true God. I have been inviting people to learn together. God is so kind that people are healed from various sicknesses and demon possession. Derek's teaching has helped many people to learn and understand biblical teaching.”           —Bishal Khadka of Dolakha 

December 6—China
China has not only the Great Wall but also the Great Firewall, which is used to block voices the Chinese government does not want to reach the people of China. Our China ministry team has come up with a new IT set-up and techniques to break through this wall. Pray for God’s inspiration and protection so that Derek’s teaching might continue to reach the believers there.

December 7—Australia

  • Pray for more indigenous people across Australia to be reached with Derek’s teaching and that it would bear good fruit among them.

  • Pray for more followers on our social media where they can find and be blessed by Derek’s teaching.   

December 8—New Zealand
Pray for God’s protection for all of our staff, trustees and their families as they take a few days leave over the Christmas/New Year period.  Pray they would all return to the office in good health, refreshed and ready for all the Lord has for them to do in 2022.

Testimony – New Zealand
“I want to thank you for sending me the updated version of The Destiny of Israel and the Church. I know I’ll get a lot of inspiration from it and my zeal for Israel will increase even more! I have a huge interest and love for Israel. I thoroughly enjoyed the first edition you also sent me a couple of years ago and still have it in my collection of great Derek Prince books; they are keepers!”

December 9—Philippines

  • Five of Derek’s books are being translated into the national language, Tagalog. Pray for God’s anointing and protection upon the translator and that these translations would go smoothly.

  • Stocks of Derek’s books are low in the Tagalog language and need reprinting. With most printers closed due to Covid, pray that a printer can be found quickly and easily.

  • One hundred sets of Derek’s books in the Tagalog language, The Divine Exchange, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing and Self-Study Bible Course have been donated to pastors and church leaders for conducting online Bible studies with their congregations. Pray for God’s anointing upon them as they teach from Derek’s books and that many in their churches will gain a greater understanding of biblical truth. 

Testimony - Philippines
“I have been listening to some of your teachings lately, especially on our authority over the powers of evil, and I was so encouraged. Thank you so much. I pray I will hear more from you.”  —Catherine from Northern Philippines

December 10—Croatia

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing for our translator and editor who have begun working on new books which we plan to print in early 2022.

  • Pray for sufficient funds to cover all the costs associated with translating, desktop publishing and printing.

  • Pray that God will bring hope to believers and unbelievers alike who are struggling with disappointment, hopelessness, or depression through our recently published books, Unshakable Hope and Hope Beyond Grief.

December 11—Scandinavia
Pray for the growth of the ministry in Sweden and Denmark through contacts with pastors and individuals who would desire to use Derek’s teaching personally and for outreach.




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