February 24 - The Ruthless Cross

     Some people struggle with fear, depression, loneliness, lust, or anger. A counselor can help us just so far; but in the last resort, the solution is in our hands: the cross. We must identify this nature in us when and where it rises up. In the ministry of deliverance, there are two demons that are the gatekeepers. They swing the door open for the next demon to come. These gatekeepers are self-pity and resentment. Self-pity is a tremendously powerful tool of Satan, and nobody can afford to indulge resentment.

     At some point, we must be ruthless. The cross is entirely ruthless—there is nothing comfortable, attractive, or sweet about it. But we thank God for it because it is the way out; it is God’s provision.

     Most of us have a “besetting sin”—a sin we are so accustomed to that we think it is a part of ourselves. We find it hard to hate because it is almost like hating ourselves. Interestingly enough, my besetting sin was my father’s problem before me. Children inherit a lot from their parents, and certain patterns of behavior are set before us. I see behaviors in me that are direct reproductions of my father’s behavior.

     We need to ask the Holy Spirit to identify the nature of our problems. Call them by their right names (they probably won’t be pretty)—maybe lust, lying, or pride. Then, we must say, “In Jesus, it has been crucified. I put it to the cross. I will not let it dominate me. I am free from it through the cross.”

Thank You, Lord, for the blood of Jesus. I proclaim that in Jesus, the besetting sin in my life (name it here) has been crucified. I put it on the cross. I will not let it dominate me any longer. Satan has no place in me, no power over me, no unsettled claims against me. All has been settled by the blood of Jesus! Amen.

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