DPLR 15: Archives

A New Beginning

Agreeing With God

Basics of Deliverance

Born of God

Claiming Our Inheritance

Decision is Yours, The

Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

Door Only You Can Open, The


Enemies We Face, The

Extravagant Love

Facing The Future




Fear of the Lord, The (1 week series)

Fear of the Lord, The (2 week series)

First Church, The


From Curse to Blessing

From Time to Eternity

Fruit of the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit

God Is a Matchmaker

God Revealed in His Names

God's Abundance

God's Disguises

God's Medicine Bottle

God's Plan for Your Money


Hearing God's Voice

Holy Spirit in You, The


How to Be Led By the Holy Spirit

How to Find God's Plan for Your Life

How to Overcome Evil

How to Pray and Get What You Pray For


If You Want God's Best

It Cost All He Had
Key to a Successful Marriage, The

Laying the Foundation 1, Founded on the Rock

Laying the Foundation 2, Authority and Power of God's Word

Laying the Foundation 3, Through Repentance to Faith

Laying the Foundation 4, Faith and Works

Laying the Foundation 5, Immersion in Water

Laying the Foundation 6, Immersion in the Spirit

Laying the Foundation 7, Transmitting God's Power

Laying the Foundation 8, At the End of Time

Laying the Foundation 9, Resurrection of the Body

Laying the Foundation 10, Final Judgment

Learning By Living

Let's Show Our Gratitude

Life's Bitter Pool

Longing For His Appearing

Love of God, The

Ministry of Intercession, The

No Neutrality

Objective for Living

Old Self and the New Self, The

Pages From My Life's Book


Power of Proclamation


Pride vs Humility

Progress to Perfection

Rejection: Cause and Cure

Relationship With God

Relationship With God's People




Ruling by Prayer

Secure in God's Choice

Seven Pictures of God's People

Sheepfold, The

Spiritual Warfare

Strength through Weakness


Thoughts for Thanksgiving

Titles of Jesus

Twelve Steps to a Good Year

Victory Over Death

Vine and the Branches, The

Waiting for God

Walking Through the Land of God's Promises

What God's Word Will Do For You

What is a Patriot?

What Is Man?

What is Truth?

Where to Find Security


You and Your Household