Dear Friend,

     Is it difficult for you to stop all the noise that swirls around you? Do you have a hard time getting quiet enough to hear God’s voice? To hear His direction and guidance?

     Just the other day, my wife referred to the “clutter of noise” in society today. I thought it was an appropriate phrase. With all the stimuli coming at us—especially from digital devices that carry many demanding messages—it’s not easy to find a time to get quiet.

The Uproar We Face

     As I was driving to the office this morning, a really noisy car pulled up beside me. In fact, I knew it was coming long before it ever arrived. The music from its sound system was so loud and intense that it literally shook my car as I waited at the stoplight.

     I’m not judging. I am a musician who has listened to and played loud music all my life. Even so, my first thought regarding the person driving the car was: “That is probably not a great way for him to start his day.” I know that would be true for me, especially with my practice to maintain a peaceful ride to work with morning prayer and meditation.

     As soon as this car was on its way, I got back to my quiet morning routine. But it reminded me that for everyone facing the present uproar, it may be time to get quiet.

Calm and Quiet

      Ironically, moments before my car was forced to vibrate with the tumult from “Noisy Ned,” I had been reflecting on passages I had studied the day before: Psalm 131:2: “Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul…” and Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God.”

     The context for the first passage, a three-verse psalm of David, was his initial thought not to get proud, haughty, and involved in matters too great for him. Later (in verse 3) came his resolution to keep his hope in the Lord. What was David’s reason to take active steps to calm and quiet his soul? To shut out the noise and focus instead on his Father in heaven.

     The context for the second passage was similar. Tumult and trouble throughout the world (mountains shaking, waves roaring, desolations in the earth); but the Lord Himself standing firm in the midst of it all, speaking these words to His people: “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted in the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

     If you and I can’t hear Him speak these words today, isn’t it time for us to get quiet?

An Active Pursuit

     I admire so many aspects of Derek Prince’s life and conduct, and I have done my best to model some of those best traits. One in particular is the following.

     Derek often referred to a habit he adopted and practiced throughout his life and ministry. Before he would speak to any audience, he would get on his face before God and pray, “Lord, if you don’t give me something to share with these people, I have nothing to give.” I regard that as an amazing act of humility on his part.

     Frankly, I believe Derek could have preached from the index of the Bible and people would have been blessed, healed, and delivered. But his humility led him to recognize that unless Jesus gave him a word to share, his teaching and preaching would have been in vain. He felt it was imperative to come to a complete stop, get quiet, and hear from the Lord.

     Following Derek’s example, I do the same before I write anything or speak before any crowd. I did it for this letter. On my face before Him, I asked Jesus to give me something that would bless and encourage every person who might ever read what I share here.

The Still, Small Voice

     It takes intentionality and discipline to get quiet enough in the presence of the Lord to hear His voice above the uproar. Sometimes it is a still, small voice—so, the intrusion of too much noise and distraction in our lives can keep us from hearing Him speak.

     This is the point Derek Prince makes in the following excerpt from his message, “Worship and Rest.” It is a very brief insight emphasizing the importance of quiet and rest.    

     I have experienced something new in learning to worship and learning to rest. (I find they are very close together.)

     I believe in thanking God and praising Him out loud: dancing clapping, singing—I’ll do it all. But there comes a time when [like a cherub] I will put my “wings” over my face and my “wings” over my feet. And I will hear what God says.

     “Today, if you will hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts.” Don’t miss His rest.

Listening for the Word

     Back to our earlier questions. Are you able to block out the noise and tumult around you? Is it hard to find time to get quiet before the Lord?

     In these days, I believe it is absolutely critical to hear the voice of the Lord—for guidance, for encouragement, for protection, for sheer sanity. God makes this promise in Isaiah 30:21: “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” Let’s ask the Lord together now to make this provision a reality in our lives.
     Lord Jesus, I confess that I have allowed the noise of life to crowd out Your voice. The pace of my life has kept me from taking time to be with You. Please forgive me for not taking the necessary steps to get quiet before You.
     I long to hear Your voice. I need to hear Your direction for every aspect of my life. I don’t want to do this without Your guidance and grace. Lord, with this prayer, I promise that I will stop and listen on a regular basis. With all my heart, Lord, I acknowledge fully that it is time for me to get quiet. Amen.

A Major Shift

     What you and I have just prayed is a small step, but a very major shift in how we conduct our lives. Our time spent on our faces before God will make a huge difference.

     One important aspect of hearing God’s voice is how He speaks to us through His Word. As you know, Derek’s primary focus in life was teaching and explaining Biblical principles in a way that would cause life-changing impact. It would be our great pleasure to make some of that priceless instruction available to you, starting with “Worship and Rest,” the message from which the quote was taken. Please feel free to download it using the link below.

     It is no coincidence that you are connected with Derek Prince Ministries. We consider it a privilege to serve you, and we thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support.

Worth Every Minute

     Our prayers will be with you as you take some deliberate steps to carve out time with the Lord. It may not be easy for you, but it will be worth every minute alone with Him.

     One of the psalms I quoted earlier gives an indication of the effort it may take to break free, “be still,” and hear from God. Modern Bible translations give us added insight on that “Be still” phrase from Psalm 46:10. One says, “Stop striving.” Another says, “Calm down,” which echoes David’s words that he had “calmed and quieted” his soul. Others say, “Stop fighting,” “Desist,” “Let be,” “Let go.” All of these are action words that carry the same meaning: stop whatever you are doing now and focus on the Lord.

     Clearly, a step is required, and we will have to take deliberate action to stop our normal activities and open our ears. But we need to. Why? Because it is time to get quiet!
All the best,
Dick signature

Dick Leggatt
President, DPM–USA

P.S. We are here to assist in whatever way we can. Let us know how your “quiet time” is going, and feel free to call on us to pray with you. Also, please make sure to download the free MP3 by Derek Prince that we are offering with this letter: “Worship and Rest.”