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Dear Friend,

     Do you ever fight off a sense of loneliness or rejection? A feeling that you are all alone in the world? That even the Lord at times has forgotten about you and your situation?

     Even the most secure people struggle with these thoughts. You and I—along with most people—have those occasional moments when we wonder if anyone truly cares. At such times, it is life-changing to remember that God cares, and that you belong to Him.

Healing for the Heart

     Here at Derek Prince Ministries, we receive a steady flow of prayer requests. It is one of our greatest privileges to pray for each of the needs that are placed before us.

     Just recently, I received a note that really touched me. (It actually became the inspiration for this letter.) Without quoting the request completely, the message that came to us was a plea for “healing in my heart, my spiritual heart.” This person also expressed a desire to find “forgiveness for myself, that I may love myself as Jesus loves me.”

     When I sent my note in response to this person, the Scripture the Lord prompted me to include was Isaiah 43:1, especially the part where God says: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine.” You belong to Him!

He Is with Us

     The next verse of Isaiah 43 is a promise from the Lord: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you” (v. 2). Not only do you and I belong to the Lord—He also promises to be with us through any trial we face. The same promise is expressed in Isaiah 41:10: “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God.”

     Many other parts of the Bible have similar assurances from the Lord. One of my favorites is 2 Chronicles 20:17: “Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them [the enemies coming against you], for the LORD is with you.”

     It is no mistake that the verses I have cited begin with a command not to be afraid. The Lord understands that when you and I are fighting rejection, fear is at work. What dispels that fear? Knowing for certain that He is with us—that you and I belong to Him.

     How about you? Does your “spiritual heart” need a healthy dose of healing and assurance? One of the toughest internal battles we face in life is the lingering presence of rejection, the feeling that we are not acceptable to God or anyone else. 

Dealing with Rejection

     Derek Prince recognized this universal problem, and he addressed it in his teaching.  Derek recognized the transformation that takes place when a believer breaks free of rejection and realizes he or she is “accepted in the Beloved” (Eph. 1:6).

     In a marvelous message called “Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Rejection,” Derek deals with these three huge issues that face each of us. (Later in this letter, we will offer this message to you free of charge. If you accept, you will be getting three teachings in one—complete with many heart-warming personal anecdotes from Derek.) Toward the end of the message, Derek wraps up with the following words of hope and encouragement:

     Jesus endured our rejection that we might have His acceptance. Can you see that all the evil came upon Jesus so that all the good might be offered to you and me? It was all resolved by one sacrifice on the cross. By one sacri­fice, He has perfected forever us who are being sanctified (Hebrews 10:14).

     Jesus never needs to do another thing. It has all been done. All we have to do is appropriate what He has done.

     So, I now want to give you an opportunity to receive what God has provided through the death of Jesus on the cross. I want you, if you still have a problem with guilt, to receive total forgiveness—to hear the verdict of the court of heaven which pronounces you “NOT GUILTY.”

     If you have battled with shame, and I know many who have, I want you to receive your healing, bearing in mind that on the cross, totally naked, Jesus bore your shame—so that in its place, you might share His glory.

     And if you who have struggled with rejection, I want you to receive your healing now, bearing in mind that on the cross, Jesus was rejected by His Father, the ultimate and cruelest of all rejections. He died of a broken heart, because He bore our rejection—so that we might have His, what? Acceptance. That’s right.

     You see, as a child of God, you’re not just tolerated—you’re welcomed! You don’t have to apologize. You don’t have to make an appointment. You can come any time, and the Father will always welcome you—because you come through Jesus.

The Pathway to Freedom

     The person who sent the prayer request asked for “healing of my heart, my spiritual heart” to “find forgiveness for myself, to love myself as much as Jesus loves me.” If that is your need as well, the verses we have cited and the quote from Derek Prince light the path­way to the freedom you are seeking. Will you join me in asking the Lord for it now?
     Lord, I confess that my spiritual heart needs healing—through a renewed sense of Your acceptance and affirmation. The power of rejection has taken its toll upon my life, and I want to be free of it. I receive the cleansing You purchased for me on Calvary, forever making me “accepted in the Beloved.” Thank You, Jesus, for Your willingness to suffer rejection on my behalf.

     I receive Your forgiveness for the sins that have separated me from the Father. And I affirm my confidence that I can draw near to Him because of the lifeblood You poured out for my sake. Now I belong to You, Lord.

     Because of what You did on the cross, I now declare that I can come to the Father and be welcomed by Him. Thank You, Father, for Your open arms, waiting to receive me with Your full acceptance and love.

     Rejection’s power over me is vanquished. I am accepted in the Beloved. Lord, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I belong to You. Amen.

Knowing for Sure

     Can you hear the Lord’s response to you from Isaiah 43:1? With great tenderness, He is saying, “I have called you by your name; you are Mine.” That is a game-changer for you and me. Knowing unequivocally that you and I belong to Him.

     Thank you for taking this vital step. As a further confirmation of what you have done, please use the link below and download the full MP3 message, “Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Rejection,” from which we drew Derek’s quote. It is yours without cost—just one more way for us to stand with you in friendship as you step further into the freedom which Jesus Christ has bought for you.

     Providing this resource to you is our absolute pleasure—an expression of gratitude for your love, your prayers, your friendship, your financial gifts, and your partnership with us in bringing many into the freedom and acceptance that are the focus of this letter.

Hearing His Voice

     Imagine what it would be like if men and women all over the world could experience the “spiritual heart healing” requested by the person who got in touch with us. So many people are struggling—wondering if it could be possible for God the Father to love them and accept them fully. They need to know. They need to hear His voice, tenderly offering the promise He speaks in Isaiah 43:1: “I have called you by your name; you are Mine.”

      The steps you and I have taken in this letter have opened our ears to hear those words, and we can walk in that wonderful truth. What is it? You and I belong to Him.
All the best,
Dick signature

Dick Leggatt
President, DPM–USA

P.S. Thank you again for your devoted friendship. It is such a privilege to serve you through DPM, and we sincerely hope you will download the free MP3 we are offering: “Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Rejection” by Derek Prince. Blessings to you!