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Dear Friend,
Thirty years of DPM outreach in Eastern Europe. It’s a milestone—and a miracle!
Back in 1989, we established an office in Holland to pursue new opportunities for serving the Church in Eastern Europe. We began to make Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching available to the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

Those were challenging and exciting times.

Challenging times because years of Communist rule in parts of Europe had taken a social and economic toll on thousands of Christians—exciting times because, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we were able to offer them Bible-based discipleship resources.

The continued support grew, and our outreach in Eastern Europe quickly became a key player in the region. We helped thousands of local churches minister God’s life-changing Word to many who had been rendered hopeless, disillusioned, and impoverished by decades of Communist rule.

Thousands of small and big acts of generosity enabled us to place Derek’s Bible teaching into the hands of believers like Miroslav, a pastor and a Bible teacher from the Czech Republic: 


Over the last 30 years, DPM–Eastern Europe has helped thousands of Bible teachers like Miroslav to unlock the power of God’s Word into their lives and the lives of others.

You have been a huge part of our work together. Thank you for making it possible for us to reach Eastern Europe. We could have not done it without you. 
For a thirty-year birthday present,
would you consider a donation of $30 today?
Your ongoing support for this outreach will continue to inspire and equip thousands of Christians in Croatia, Albania, Romania, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and elsewhere. Your continued help will place Derek’s teaching in the hands of believers like Branimir, who are “falling in love” with the Lord and His Word: 
 “Reading Derek’s books really changed my life. Maybe I’m a little “euphoric,” but now I’m in love with God more than ever because of this great teacher of the Scriptures who helped me to understand God’s character and His divine power.”  Branimir, a 79-year-old believer from Croatia
The truth is, even after 30 years, the need for solid Bible teaching in Eastern Europe keeps growing. 
  • Christians in Albania need Bible teaching like Derek’s that will produce transformative results in people’s lives. There is much confusion and ignorance there regarding key spiritual topics.
  • Believers in the Czech Republic need balanced Bible teaching about grace, personal sacrifice, and what it is to be a disciple of Jesus. Many traditional churches are struggling, and some new churches only offer shallow utilitarian theology.
  • Croatian Christians are struggling with poverty. Our workers are helping many under the influence of sickness, needing love, peace, joy, or encouragement from other Christians.
Together, you and DPM–EE can assist those who are struggling in these nations. We can help them to understand and apply God’s Word to their lives and situations.  
Will you help to meet these challenges by sending a special gift of $30, $60 or $90 to our outreach in Eastern Europe? 

Present plans are to translate and print The Self-Study Bible Course in Albanian to equip hundreds of pastors with life-changing Bible teaching. We will also continue to help pastors like Miroslav in the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Romania to use Derek’s Bible teaching to inspire their congregations to fall in love with God and His Word.
Please make a gift today, using the link below.

Let’s keep the 30-year miracle going. Thank you for your integral part in new miracles of faith and provision for Derek Prince Ministries–Eastern Europe.

Yours in Christ’s service,