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Dear Friend,

Ahmed was waiting for me at a crowded train station in a bustling Moroccan city.

His face lit up when he saw me. As we hugged each other, he immediately told me that this was truly a ”God appointment” and an answer to his prayers.

You see, Ahmed is a secret Christian in a country where Islam does not allow people to convert to other religions. If the authorities ever found him with an Arabic Bible or a Christian book in his hands, he could be thrown into prison.

In places like Morocco people who have converted from Islam to Christianity are not even allowed to enter a church building: only expatriates and foreign visitors can use church buildings.

Yet all these restrictions did not stop Ahmed—and thousands of other Muslim-background believers like him—from turning to Christ and becoming His followers.
Ahmed has been a Christian for over 10 years. He loves the Lord and is eager to receive solid Bible teaching materials that can help him and others root their faith in God’s Word.

Ahmed invited me to stay at his house. There in his living room he showed me his Arabic Bible. It was falling apart from years of constant use. He also had a few books someone had given him at a Christian conference abroad.


Ahmed has prayed for years that God will bring someone to Morocco who could help him and other underground church leaders who participate in a prayer network of over 1,000 believers.

That’s why I traveled thousands of miles on planes and trains to meet him.

I also believe this is a ”God appointment.” The Lord has opened this door for our Middle East Outreach. Now we can to work with Ahmed to help secret Christians in Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, and other nations of the Middle East.

This is an exciting opportunity to serve the persecuted Church. I am hoping that you too will join me in this venture by sending a special gift to our Middle East outreach today.

With your help, Ahmed and other leaders like him can use resources like The Self-Study Bible Course or The Foundation Series in Arabic. With such materials, they can disciple new secret Christians who love Jesus but whose faith could easily wither under the heat of persecution and poverty.

What’s more, thanks to your generosity, we can give SD cards loaded with Derek’s teaching in Arabic to hundreds of Christians. Your gift can help believers who are eager to discover more Bible truths and apply them in their lives.

For example, a gift of $30 is enough to provide 10 copies of The Self-Study Bible Course in Arabic to a small gathering of secret Christians. A gift of $100 enables us to put SD cards loaded with Derek’s teaching into the hands of 100 Muslim background believers in a closed country.


A group of over 70 local Muslim-background believers meet regularly in Ahmed’s house for worship, prayer, and Bible study.

While I was there, I saw first-hand how these precious brothers and sisters in Christ need Bible study materials, books, and audio messages. They long to draw strength, hope, and courage from the Scriptures.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Mauritania, and elsewhere in the Middle East are God’s precious handiwork. The Lord loves them—and He will not let their faith wither in a spiritual desert caused by poverty, persecution, and war.

Will you help them by offering Bible teaching materials that can help their faith flourish?

If you are able to join me and other DPM workers in this task, please make a donation to our Middle East outreach using the link below.

Together we can provide blessing and spiritual strength to thousands of Christians across the Middle East whose lives are affected by persecution,
poverty, and war.
Yours in Christ’s service,