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Dear Friend,

Brother Zhang, from a rural church in Henan Province, downloaded all of Derek Prince’s Chinese eBooks and MP3 teachings from our DPM website. Sometimes it took him 5-10 minutes or longer for each download. But it didn’t matter to him, because he was so eager to read all of the books. It has opened a tremendous spiritual storehouse which he is sharing with his house church friends.

Sister Huanhuan contacted the DPM China team by WeChat—not a Christian at the time. After the team followed up with her using Derek’s materials, she decided to be baptized. Sister Huanhuan has now introduced Derek’s materials to her friends, and there is a cell group meeting at her home weekly!

These are just two of many, many Chinese believers who are being built up by Derek’s teachings. Your help is making a difference in thousands of lives.

But conditions in China are getting more intense.

In our last report, we described the worsening situation for our Chinese brothers and sisters. It began February 1, 2018 with the imposition of new and severe religious restrictions upon the Christian church. If implemented in their extreme form, as has happened in various parts of China, no member of the Communist Party, no member of China’s armed forces, no educator, and no minor may enter a church building anywhere in China. This is a clear attempt to keep the next generation in China from hearing the Gospel or pursuing religious freedom.

One of our Chinese team observed that although the February 1st laws were a massive earthquake to the Chinese church, the new online clampdown could be a “Spiritual 911” for China’s churches. (The laws were published first on September 11th.)

Prayer . . . and Action!

We are asking you to pray for China and its church. This is a critical time in China’s history. Please encourage others in your group to join you in fervent intercession for China.OTN-2018-11-China-Appealplain-

Within China, we have published over a hundred thousand copies of Derek’s books Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting, and Praying for the Government, bound together in one volume. We know that testimonies of God answering prayer for nations will help our brothers and sisters in China to pray effectively for their nation.
We take great encouragement from the words of a godly Chinese pastor who sees the hand of God in what is happening: “God is now calling the Chinese church to repent and to be ready for revival. The walls of churches may be torn down—but the inner walls in the hearts of Christians need to be built up at this special time.”

Life-Giving Teaching Books

This is a time to produce more—not less—of Derek’s teaching in many formats. So far this year, we have printed 270,000 books inside China: Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting, Why Israel?, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, The Foundation Series, and God Is a Matchmaker. Our costs for printing these life-giving books have been very low—$0.25 to $1.60, depending on the size of the book! We are able to do much with whatever you send.

Will you help us meet our book budget of $160,000 for the next six months? Your gift will touch the lives of many brothers and sisters in China.

New Major Projects

Along with book distribution, we are providing internet resources through websites and the WeChat platform, with hundreds of teachings in the form of downloadable MP3s, videos, eBooks, and audiobooks. Our total support cost for four different Chinese workers involved in this project is $45,000 for six months.
Your help is making a difference in so many lives. Brother Chen told us: “I am now learning from the online MP3 teachings of Derek Prince, especially the series ‘The Workman God Approves.’ I really want to prepare myself well.” The walls of churches may be torn down—but the inner walls in the hearts of Christians need to be built up in this critical hour.

Will you help us in this great “building” project? You can donate securely online using the link below. Thank you so much for your generosity and your prayers.

In Christ,