The Lord of Time

Here is a word for you from the Word



Psalm 31:15
My times are in your hands...     NIV

     What a profound and blessed revelation – that God has absolute control over all the times in our lives. God is the only one in the universe that totally controls time. This is beautifully demonstrated in the heavenly bodies. Countless millions and millions of stars move around in the universe with absolute precision. Isaiah the prophet says that the Lord calls every one of them forth by name and they are all present, not one is wanting.

     The sun never rises late or sets early. Astronomers can calculate the exact place of every heavenly body in the remote past, in the distant future. God has absolute control over time and what David realized when he uttered those words is this: that God has absolute control over the times in our lives. He’s never late. He’s never premature. He has a time for every situation, every circumstance. If we will just commit our lives totally into His hands, we’ll find that our times are in His hands. What a relief from pressure, from strain, to know that God has control over the time element in our lives. Our times are in God’s hands.
- Derek Prince
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