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Dear Friend,

You yourself probably know these Bible verses by heart. They’re wonderful words of trust and courage, of longing for God and humility.
They also express so very well the extraordinary, life-transforming ministry of our outreach workers in China and friends like you.
Through your generous support towards our DPM Outreach, you have helped tens of thousands of Chinese believers to learn and obey God’s Word. Especially in times like these, when persecution against Christians in China is on the rise.

reading-guyYou see, the Communist Party, struggling to control the spread of the Gospel in this vast land, has already begun to close down churches, arrest some pastors and pull down crosses in South Eastern China.  
If this pattern of persecution is to spread in other regions our Christian brothers and sisters in China will need our support more than ever.
But, let’s not be blighted by such challenges. Because, the good news is that God is blessing our ministry in China by touching many lives through Derek’s teaching.
So, let me encourage you to look at the testimonies below, and to read about believers like Gong Xue Li, sister Liu and Chong Yan Qiu — whose lives you have touched through your generosity.
As you read their stories I hope that you will be inspired to support Christians in China by continuing to pray for them and by sending a special gift today.

Together we have already impacted countless lives in the sprawling cosmopolitan cities and the remote villages of China.
Right now, with your help, we want to seize some new opportunities to put Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching into the hands of more believers who are crying out for discipleship resources.

                  Will you make a special gift of $35 or more today to enable us to:


A donation of $35 for providing 30 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power, or $120 for ten MP3 players with Bible teaching is more than just an ordinary gift.
For a Chinese believer, a pastor or a church, it is the precious gift of understanding of God’s word, of obeying Him and of delighting in Him.
Please take a look at the testimonies below that explain how your gift can help Chinese believers to walk closer with God. Think and pray about it for a while. Then, select the giving option that God has put in your heart.
Imagine the satisfaction you will feel knowing that you are making the words of Psalm 119 come true for a believer in China. And, imagine the look on a believer’s face when they get to engage with such valuable teachings from God’s Word.
On behalf of DPM–China Outreach, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support to our ministry.
It is only because of dear friends like you that we can help Christians in China to discover the power and strength of God’s living Word.
May God bless you and show you how to walk in His ways always.

Yours in Christ’s service,                     All the best,

RossPaterson                       DickLeggatt

Ross Paterson                                      Dick Leggatt
Director, DPM–China                           President, DPM–USA