What is a Patriot?

Week 1
 Recent Media Uploads 
Being Appreciative (download)
Friday, 11/16/2018
Communicating a Positive Attitude (download)
Thursday, 11/15/2018
Seeing Ourselves as “Contributors” (download)
Wednesday, 11/14/2018
Being “Relatable” (download)
Tuesday, 11/13/2018
Seeing Ourselves as Part of a Whole (download)
Monday, 11/12/2018

Week 2
 Recent Media Uploads 
Being a “Magnet” for God’s Forces (download)
Friday, 11/23/2018
Being an Intercessor (download)
Thursday, 11/22/2018
Being an Interpreter (download)
Wednesday, 11/21/2018
Being a Grain of Salt (download)
Tuesday, 11/20/2018
Recognizing Spiritual Realities (download)
Monday, 11/19/2018
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