Twelve Steps to a Good Year

Week 1

 Recent Media Uploads 
Let Us Hold Fast Our Confession (download)
Friday, 1/7/2022
Let Us Be Diligent (download)
Thursday, 1/6/2022
Let Us Fear (download)
Wednesday, 1/5/2022
The Background of Hebrews (download)
Tuesday, 1/4/2022
Right Resolutions (download)
Monday, 1/3/2022


Week 2

 Recent Media Uploads 
Let Us Consider One Another (download)
Friday, 1/14/2022
Let Us Hold Fast Our Confession without Wavering (download)
Thursday, 1/13/2022
Let Us Draw Near to the Most Holy Place (download)
Wednesday, 1/12/2022
Let Us Press on to Maturity (download)
Tuesday, 1/11/2022
Let Us Draw Near to the Throne of Grace (download)
Monday, 1/10/2022

Week 3

 Recent Media Uploads 
Summary (download)
Friday, 1/21/2022
Let Us Offer Up a Sacrifice of Praise (download)
Thursday, 1/20/2022
Let Us Go Out to Him (download)
Wednesday, 1/19/2022
Let Us Show Gratitude (download)
Tuesday, 1/18/2022
Let Us Run with Endurance the Race (download)
Monday, 1/17/2022
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