Spiritual Warfare

Week 1

 Recent Media Uploads 
The Basis of Our Victory (download)
Friday, 10/13/2017
The Weapons and the Battleground (download)
Thursday, 10/12/2017
Battle of Angels (download)
Wednesday, 10/11/2017
Satan’s Headquarters (download)
Tuesday, 10/10/2017
Two Opposing Kingdoms (download)
Monday, 10/9/2017


Week 2

 Recent Media Uploads 
The Sword of the Spirit (download)
Friday, 10/20/2017
The Helmet of Salvation (download)
Thursday, 10/19/2017
The Shoes and the Shield (download)
Wednesday, 10/18/2017
The Breastplate of Righteousness (download)
Tuesday, 10/17/2017
The Girdle of Truth (download)
Monday, 10/16/2017

Week 3

 Recent Media Uploads 
The Weapon of Testimony (download)
Friday, 10/27/2017
The Weapon of Preaching (download)
Thursday, 10/26/2017
The Weapon of Praise! (download)
Wednesday, 10/25/2017
The Weapon of Prayer (download)
Tuesday, 10/24/2017
Taking the Offensive (download)
Monday, 10/23/2017
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