Walking Through the Land of God's Promises

Week 1

 Recent Media Uploads 
How to Enjoy True Peace of Mind (download)
Friday, 7/24/2020
Release from Mental Torment (download)
Thursday, 7/23/2020
How to Become a Child of God (download)
Wednesday, 7/22/2020
How to Receive God’s Forgiveness (download)
Tuesday, 7/21/2020
Joshua, Our Pattern (download)
Monday, 7/20/2020


Week 2

 Recent Media Uploads 
How to Deal with Problem Children (download)
Friday, 7/31/2020
Finding the Right Mate (download)
Thursday, 7/30/2020
Acceptance in a Work Situation (download)
Wednesday, 7/29/2020
Guidance (download)
Tuesday, 7/28/2020
Wisdom (download)
Monday, 7/27/2020

Week 3

 Recent Media Uploads 
Healing through Anointing with Oil (download)
Friday, 8/7/2020
Healing through God’s Word (download)
Thursday, 8/6/2020
Prosperity through Sowing and Reaping (download)
Wednesday, 8/5/2020
Prosperity through Tithing (download)
Tuesday, 8/4/2020
Prosperity: General (download)
Monday, 8/3/2020
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