Keeping DPM in Prayer


October 24th - 30th

October 24—Mozambique
New Covenant Ministry International held two weeks of training for 50 pastors in three cities. It is a 16-hour one-way trip, but we were able to send a large amount of Derek’s teaching in Portuguese that included copies of the Self-Study Bible Course, Foundations DVD sets, Teaching letters and Proclamation Cards. Pray for these leaders to be transformed through the teaching and use it to teach many others. 
October 25—United States

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for our Board of Directors and management team as they oversee the work and outreach of this office and plan for the future.

  • Pray for contact with more local churches and ministries who would receive and use Derek’s material and connect DPM to others they know. 

October 26—United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for contact with more local Hispanic churches who would like to receive and use Derek’s Spanish teaching material for teaching and outreach.

  • Pray for Norma and Alberto in our office in their contact with the Hispanic community and as they connect people to our Spanish website, mobile app, etc. and do in-house translation as needed. 

October 27—Israel

  • Pray for God’s protection, good health and wisdom for the team in Israel as they make contact with people locally and worldwide using various online platforms.  

  • Pray for a growing and favorable response to Derek’s teaching that is available through this office in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.

  • Pray for more and more in the Jewish community to have a revelation of who Jesus really is and that they would connect with DPM to learn more. 

October 28—Lebanon

  • Lebanon is experiencing very bad economic conditions. Pray that God would powerfully change the situations of many people who are suffering, hold back the enemy’s plans for destruction and give wisdom to government leaders.

  • Pray for DPM to be used to encourage and give hope to many through Derek’s teaching. 

October 29—Iran

  • Thousands of Christians here are deprived of Christian literature and church services, but social networks offer a great opportunity for access to these spiritual resources. Pray for more people to find Derek’s teaching online through various platforms.

  • Pray for God to protect our partners who distribute Derek's teachings in Iran. 

October 30—Armenia

  • Summer camps were held for those affected by the war and were attended by about 200 children. It was a wonderful time for everyone. Pray for events for children and their mothers to continue.

  • Another conference (as shared below) is planned for the fall, and resources and trained staff are needed. Pray for the Lord’s blessing on this gathering and for every need to be met. 

Praise Report – Armenia
We praise God for the impact of Derek’s book Why Bad Things Happen to God's People. As a result of the recent war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, some 4,000 mothers lost their sons, and they were constantly tormented by the question: "Why has this happened to me?" Our workers in Armenia organized a conference for these mothers. Sophie, whose son had been killed, had torn her Bible into pieces as she was tormented by the same question. When they gave her the book at the conference, initially she did not want to take it, but eventually she did. Later, she contacted a worker, saying she had found answers for many of her questions, regained her fellowship with God, and received the comfort of the Holy Spirit. There are thousands of mothers like Sophie in Armenia today, to whom DPM provides Derek's material.




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