Keeping DPM in Prayer


February 23rd - 29th


February 23—Namibia
We thank God for this new open door to get Derek’s Legacy radio programs, Declaring God’s Word devotionals and Word from the Word, aired in Namibia. Pray that the people we are now beginning to reach across Namibia will be deeply touched and changed by Derek’s teaching. 

February 24—Malawi

  • Pray for ministry contacts who are training pastors and young leaders with Derek’s teaching, including those who reach the Yao people who are a Muslim group.

  • Believers here and the Church in general, face persecution. Pray for successful printing of another 1,000 copies of the Chichewa Self-Study Bible Course for prison outreach to 33 prisons. 

February 25—Madagascar

  • Pray for Dries and Valerie Du Plessis as they continue to travel by catamaran to the villages along the NW coast and inland rivers, that they will be able to establish churches and disciple people with Derek’s teaching. 

  • Pray for the radio stations that air Derek’s Malagasy programs and that many more people will listen and be impacted.  

February 26—Southern Africa
Pray for increased radio coverage for Derek’s broadcasts in Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa and Zimbabwe, even if it seems impossible in some areas. 

Middle East
February 27—Turkey

  • Pray for the protection of Father Trdat, our DPM representative in Turkey, and local staff, as tensions rise daily against Christians.

  • Pray for DPM’s short-term Bible school in Turkey that will begin this year. It will be based on the Self-Study Bible Course and Laying the Foundation video teachings. 

February 28—Iran
Pray for safe and wise distribution of the audio book, Blessing or Curse and for God to use it mightily. This topic is extremely important for Iranian society where people face curses daily and need to know how to be released from them. 

February 29—Sudan
A ministry that reaches university students has starting using Derek's materials. They also offer a theological school and have asked us to teach from Derek's Foundations book. Pray for a powerful impact from Derek's Bible teaching.




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