Keeping DPM in Prayer


July 5th - 11th


July 5—Syria

  • In its 3,000 year plus history, Syria was never in a civil war until now. Ask the Holy Spirit to breathe life back into this ancient country, for emotional and physical healing and for His deliverance from the spirits of violence, murder, hatred, bitterness, and despair.

  • Pray that we will experience the same touch from Jesus as Saul did 2,000 years ago and live our lives in such a way that we will reflect Jesus and His grace and mercy. 

We thank God that the coronavirus has not caused the same havoc here as in other countries, perhaps because we are so isolated with closed borders and no airports.

July 6—Ethiopia
Pray for those involved to finish work on Derek's book, Foundational Truths for Christian Living, soon! It has been out of print a long time and is in great demand. Meanwhile, an Ethiopian pastor is using his old copy to teach on Facebook.   

Former Soviet Republics
July 7—Ukraine

  • Our team has been distributing free material to the homeless and poor during the pandemic quarantine. We have given more than 3,600 books to churches to go with free food packages. Pray that the Holy Spirit will touch many hearts through these gifts. 

  • Pray for those involved in new book translations and the establishment of an audio ministry in the Russian language for Russia and Ukraine! 

“My name is Taisya, and I am 35. Two years ago, I was introduced to the Bible for the first time and believed in God. But when new converted people began to study the Bible by themselves, sometimes they could not see some very important things. I am very grateful for the faith general, Derek Prince so I am able to get deeper in the Scriptures and see much clearer my own life and spiritual problems. I thank God for understanding curses and blessings. His books give us plain and thorough teaching on how to use God’s Word in daily life to effectively resist the enemy of our souls! And how we can use the power given to us to serve God! Thank you for the ability to be closer to God through the revelations of this man who devoted all his life to ministry! Your work has a huge contribution in my life and in the lives of many other people”!  

July 8—Russia

  • Translation has begun of Derek's book, Declaring God's Word. Pray that the printing would go well and that the books can be distributed to Russian churches without any problem to bring refreshing and encouragement.

  • During this difficult time, pray that our Russian team will be encouraged and motivated to continue making progress in their work with wisdom and creativity from the Lord. 

July 9—Armenia
Along with new videos, new audio books will be produced, especially for reaching more young people. Pray for God to bring the right voices to record Appointment in Jerusalem

During this difficult time, our website and Facebook page visitors doubled! This really encourages us to make more progress to deliver God’s Word and Derek's teachings. 

July 10—Greece
The eBook version of Blessing or Curse is being completed in Greece. Pray that Christians and seekers here will be open to this teaching and gain insights into the deeper roots to some of their problems.  
July 11—France

  • Some videos are being subtitled in French for release here and to the French-speaking people in Africa. Pray for this to go smoothly and that these messages will be seen by many. Plans are to subtitle all the videos we have produced to be available on YouTube.

  • Pray for the Pular translation project in Africa to continue, although the work has been hindered due to the pandemic.

  • Pray that God’s people will not be gripped by fear and worry and hesitate to give generously to our work, but to put their hope in Him and His provision.




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