Keeping DPM in Prayer


February 21st - 27th


February 21—Southern Africa

  • Pray for the outreach of Nickson Sibanda and the ministry of Elav8TV that is broadcasting Derek’s teaching and making it available through various platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV (International Section), Apple TV and others.

  • Pray for increased radio and TV coverage through Christian and community stations.

  • Pray for Hope as she launches Seeds of Hope online Bible School. She will teach from Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course and Foundations material, then use the 30-DVD Bible School series and Bible School Challenge set up by James and Maddy Worthington with DPM–New Zealand. James will also help set it up on the DPM– South Africa Facebook page. 

February 22—French-Speaking Africa
The new book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, will be distributed again in French-speaking Africa. Pray that all 3,000 copies will end up in the right hands and used as God intends.

February 23—East Africa

  • Our outreach Bible schools are being positively recognized and attracting more students. Pray for continued wisdom and blessing on all those involved.

  • Pray for continued good health, guidance and anointing upon our staff and co–workers who teach, distribute material etc. As they minister to the people in this region: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda. 

February 24—United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for the ongoing translation and recording of Derek’s radio programs into the Ayacucho Quechua language to be successful and completed on time.

  • Pray for those involved to be encouraged and motivated as they work. 

February 25—United States   
In light of changes the pandemic has brought, pray for the Lord’s guidance regarding future involvement with youth ministries and college students who have received Derek’s teaching free of charge at various events in the past. 

February 26—Iran

  • Above all else, our outreach workers have asked for prayer for the work of the Kingdom, to grow in their faith and boldly share the Gospel!

  • Many family members of believers don’t know Jesus. Pray that God will open their hearts to understand who He is and follow Him. 

Praise Report – Iran

  • The Church in Iran is growing and believers are sharing the Gospel! Derek’s Farsi teaching is also making an impact on the believers there!

  • The Covid-19 virus has spread fast here, and our workers who travel have shared that "people die on the streets..."  We praise the Lord no one on our team has been infected, and this encourages them to continue and not be afraid to meet new people.

February 27—Turkey

  • Pray for the Lords protection and anointing upon those involved in translating and recording Derek’s video teachings on curses and blessings. 

  • Pray that these messages will eventually reach many people and help bring them freedom and victory in their lives.




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