Keeping DPM in Prayer


May 19th - 25th


May 19—Canada

  • Pray for new open doors for Director, Bob Yeo, and the board to distribute material to churches, other ministries, prisons and the indigenous community.

  • Pray for more people in Canada to become aware of DPM and show interest in Derek’s teaching. 

May 20—Belarus
Pray that the DPM team here can reach more people and help them find God by using Derek's teaching material. 
Praise & Thanksgiving:
We thank God for His mercy and blessings and do not have any particular needs right now. Praise God!

May 21—United States/Hispanic Outreach      

  • Pray for wisdom, good health and protection for those who are translating and voicing Derek’s teaching into Spanish.

  • We are planning to produce audio books of the Spanish translations. Pray that this material will have a great impact upon many. 

May 22—Egypt

  • God has opened a door to partner with other ministries to evangelize during the Football African Cup of Nations that Egypt is hosting this year starting June 15. Pray for selection of the right material to use for this event and that through it, many will come to the Lord and be changed.

  • Pray for more people to find Derek’s teaching through online platforms, especially in remote areas. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We thank God that we are finishing the audio recordings for all the Arabic books! Most of them are on our website already. There are only six books left to do that are in the final editing stage. 

  • Albert and Faten visited Jordan in March. They duplicated 1,000 SD Cards for distribution there and in Syria. Churches in Jordan have asked for Derek's books as well.

  • Dubbing has been completed on eight videos.

  • We are receiving more testimonies from Muslim-background believers (MBB) about God’s work in their lives through Derek’s material. 

May 23—Croatia

After months of hard work, the book, They Shall Expel Demons was published in Croatian!

  • Pray it will be well received by church leaders and the Body of Christ in Croatia.

  • Pray that Derek´s exhaustive teaching and his personal testimony will help many Croatian believers receive freedom from demonic oppression, so they can live a victorious life in Christ.

  • Pray for protection over the release of this book and that it won’t bring division but rather inspire people to search the Scriptures and receive answers to their questions on this topic. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We thank God for good progress in translation and proofreading and for our updated website.

  • A woman from Slovenia who now lives in New York contacted us to say that since her conversion, Derek´s teachings on YouTube have been a source of great blessing.

  • A gypsy man became a Christian and got acquainted with Derek´s teachings. He lives among the largest gypsy community in Croatia and now is asking for help. We pray that Derek's teaching will help him to become an effective witness for Christ. 

May 24—Norway

  • Pray for a good translator to join the Norwegian team.

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit’s blessing upon the youth group the team is working with, especially that they will be given a hunger for the Word of God. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Several Sami people in the north have contacted our office for the first time wanting to help distribute the 12 new Sami proclamation cards which will be provided free of charge.

  • A Swedish publisher has joined our Scandinavian team this year. His Christian organization has taken responsibility for the promotion and sales of all of Derek’s Swedish books (10). (He had assisted Derek Prince when he visited Sweden in the 1980s.) 

May 25—Russia 

  • A DPM team just returned from a trip to the north of Finland where they met with Russian-speaking pastors from Finland, Estonia, Germany, and Russia. Pray for a hunger for God and for Derek's materials so they can minister to those who are seeking God.

  • Pray for more godly connections to be made so that Derek's materials can be distributed to a wider audience.





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