Keeping DPM in Prayer

 April 15th - 21st


April 15—Tanzania

  • Pray for the Lord to bless the growing distribution network in this nation. DPM is one of the few ministries that produce Swahili Bible teaching, so it’s a great opportunity to impact this nation.

  • Pray for the teaching that was distributed last year to greatly impact Bible Schools, ministries, pastors and those who hear it on the radio.

  • Pray for Lowell Wertz of Joy Radio, which broadcasts Derek’s English broadcasts and for favor in connecting with other radio stations in that region that may be open to airing Derek’s teaching. 

April 16—Japan

  • The new Japanese website ( is being widely advertised in Christian magazines. Pray for many to visit the website and see all the teaching that is available.

  • Thirty of Derek’s most significant teachings are now on the dual-language Japanese website for free downloading, along with a Study Guide. Pray that many people will access it and use it. 


  • I really enjoy listening to Derek’s messages. As a housewife, I’m quite busy every day, but his two-minute devotional messages give me energy for my spirit and my health.

  • I love Derek’s two minutes messages. I’ve been taking care of my mother-in-law, who is 92 years old, for many years and sometimes I feel difficulty because of her words, etc. When I listen to Derek’s messages, they give me joy, and I can feel God’s love. 

April 17—China

  • The books, Praying for the Government and Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting, will be printed and distributed in China by summer. Sensitivity regarding titles is needed due to increasing control by China’s leadership and new and restrictive religious regulations as of February 1. As a result, these books will be printed as one. Pray for the teaching to greatly impact Chinese believers and the nation.

April 18—Lesotho

  • Mega Voice players and DVDs were sent last year into Lesotho. Pray for more open doors to get Derek’s teaching into Lesotho, especially that it would air on radio and reach very inaccessible villages.

April 19—Nepal

  • Pray for Director Gopaljee, his wife, Ganga, and their three main distributors as they continue the work of the ministry in spite of physical, political and religious struggles over the past year.

  • Pray for many to visit the “Good News” bookshops and distribution centers and be drawn to Derek’s teaching. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Thank you for sending Derek’s books to our church. I have been able to give some to other pastors. They are so happy to have them because of the few materials available in our area. Most of the leaders think that having the Bible and a hymn book are enough. But when they read Derek’s books they realize they are a very valuable resource to provide spiritual nourishment to believers. I have been able to conduct classes on the Self-Study Bible Course. I don’t know how to thank you. As soon as you print new books, kindly do not forget to send to us.

April 20—Swaziland

  • Pray that Derek’s teaching will be able to air on radio in Swaziland and that his material already there will have a great impact on all those who have received it.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • The Mega Voice player and SiSwati Foundations teaching DVD set were sent with one of our monthly DVD evening supporters who travels to Swaziland regularly. Her sister is involved in prison ministry so we will be sending her Derek’s teaching for prison outreach.

April 21—Germany

  • Pray for the 1400 new people who contacted us through a “3 days - 3 free items” campaign to be so blessed by Derek’s teaching that they will become friends and supporters of the ministry.

  • Pray for the team’s sensitivity to the Lord’s plan going forward into the next phase of outreach to the German-speaking people.

  • Pray for wisdom regarding translation and production of new material and reprinting existing books as well as for provision for all planned projects.




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