Keeping DPM in Prayer

January 20th - 26th

January 20—New Zealand

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Trustees and staff for 2019 and for His abundant provision of finances for DPM outreaches in many nations.

  • Pray for an increased awareness of DPM across New Zealand through social media and for many more people to avail themselves of the huge number of free resources found on the website (, Facebook page ( and DPM App. 

  • Last Christmas, Proclamation Cards and 450 copies of the book, You Matter to God, were given to a women’s prison. Pray that each woman will see her worth through God’s eyes and be saved. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Praise God for faithful donors who help share Derek’s teaching with millions across many nations.

  • Testimony: “I first discovered Derek’s teaching in the 1970s. After listening to his cassettes, I was impressed by the way the Bible came alive and was so interesting. I couldn’t get enough of his teachings and would wake early to listen to Today with Derek Prince and still sometimes do. I was healed of a painful back in 1977 after Derek prayed for me, and I never missed an opportunity to hear him, sometimes traveling a long way to do so. I am still learning from his material. He was an amazing man and dedicated servant of our Lord. I am now 87 years old and my back is still good.” 

January 21—South Africa
Pray for the Lord to continue giving the team wisdom, guidance, grace and strength to accomplish what is on His agenda for 2019 for the 13 nations of southern Africa which they reach with Derek’s teaching.
Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We praise God for His faithfulness in 2018 with all its challenges by providing, protecting, and giving grace, wisdom, and guidance, as well as for faithful donors, intercessors and the local staff.

  • We are distributing another 26 Mega Voice Solar players and Foundations DVDs to ministries.

  • A continual flow of people visit the shop and purchase Derek’s material, some coming long distances. They always have good reports of how Derek’s teaching has impacted their lives.  

January 22—Bulgaria

  • Pray for the new releases in 2018 to reach the young Christians in Bulgaria so that they may have a good biblical foundation and steady growth in the Lord.

  • Pray for the new Bulgarian Teaching Letters by Derek to reach those who have never read anything written by him and impact their lives with God’s truths. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
We saw greater interest in Derek’s teaching in 2018 and received testimonies of healing and salvations!
January 23—Russia 
Recently, six new titles in Russian were successfully printed. Pray for these books to reach and touch many people and, as a result, for a growing hunger and demand for more of Derek’s teaching. 
Praise & Thanksgiving: Belarus
We thank God for His inspiration and His voice that calls us to action and people here to seek Him. We are also grateful for Derek’s materials and the churches that buy them. 

January 24—Norway

  • Pray for more translators and proofreaders to produce Derek’s material in the Sami language.

  • Pray for opportunities to partner with other Christian organizations to share Derek’s teaching.

  • Pray for more partners for DPM’s work in Sweden who will want to reach out to people there.

  • Pray for more supporters for DPM’s worldwide outreaches.      

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Twelve new Proclamation Cards in the Sami language are being spread across northern Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Many new contacts in Scandinavia have been given cards to pass to churches, Bible study groups, evangelists and teachers.

  • We thank the LORD for a major breakthrough in Sweden. A publishing director there who loves Derek’s teaching and has a wide network joined our Swedish team. He will take responsibility to send the seven Swedish titles now available to bookstores and Christian organizations. He will also promote new titles in the future and help finance the projects! 

January 25—Burundi
Now that we have an advance copy of the new Kirundi Bible, we are able to check our translations against the new text before going to print. Please pray that the resulting books will be of tremendous blessing to people both in Bujumbura and in the rural areas.
Praise & Thanksgiving: Swaziland
Isabel, Ruth (her sister) and Lynn (her niece who once worked for DPM–South Africa) travelled to Swaziland in December to visit Dr. Elizabeth Hynd’s New Hope orphanage with over 60 children. They took Proclamation Cards for children and youth and posters for their rooms, as previous posters had been so used they were worn out! Elizabeth has been blessed with Derek’s teaching for many years.

January 26—Philippines

  • Two hundred of Derek’s books were recently sent to pastors and Christian workers on Siquijor Island (formerly a stronghold of the devil, but now a tourist destination with many churches). Pray for the teaching to greatly bless all who receive it and for more opportunities to distribute it.

  • Derek’s TV programs are now being broadcast free of charge on two networks in the Philippines owned by Light TV. Pray that many people will watch and be impacted by them. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
A young lady who helped at our bookstall at a conference last December wrote to us: “Derek’s teaching helped me open my mind to a lot of things such as holiness, provision, and, in particular, the spiritual realm. It has opened my eyes and given me a new perspective on the world we live in. I have a fresh new journey ahead and am developing a more intimate relationship with Jesus. I have also been so blessed by the Philippines website (”





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