Keeping DPM in Prayer


December 8th - 14th


December 8—Japan

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon the three Japanese translators.

  • Pray for initiatives on how to reach the Japanese people, especially the younger generation, with Derek’s teaching material. 

Testimony - Japan
A man who had been wondering if there is a God began to study through the DPM–Japan website. Last month, he was water baptized! He says his life and worldview has totally changed! 

December 9—Myanmar
The Director of a ministry in northwest Myanmar was recently sent a wide selection of Derek’s Burmese books. He was personally blessed by the teaching and has shared some of them with the community library. Pray that many people will read Derek’s books and be transformed by his life-changing teaching. 

December 10—China
The present Chinese leadership continues to tighten control of any belief other than communism. Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing for believers in China to make use of the Christmas season for evangelism and to share the good news of the Lord Jesus and His love for China, the most populous nation on earth. 

December 11—Norway

  • Pray for pastors and church leaders in Norway to be open to using Derek’s teaching as a tool for discipling their members and staff.

  • Pray for contact from and divine appointment with key people in churches and Christian organizations who would want to use and distribute Derek’s teaching material. 

Outreach Report – Hungary
Recently, we held a conference on Derek’s teaching, “Why Bad Things Happen to God's People." Many people in Hungary struggle with the hardships of life and Derek’s teaching really blessed them. It impacted many believers with a fresh vision as they understood God's all-embracing goodness in the middle of suffering.

December 12—Croatia

  • Pray for the translator and proof reader as they face deadlines to translate and edit five new books. They face various challenges and need God’s help.

  • Contact has been made with one of the biggest orphanages in Zagreb with an offer to donate some of Derek's books, but until now the doors remain closed. Pray for opportunities for Derek´s books to be used among these children and youth.  

December 13—Hungary

  • Pray for the new Hungarian books (Entering the Presence of God and Why Bad Things Happen to God's People) to reach many people and point them to Jesus.

  • Pray for Hungarian churches to equip and strengthen new believers with God's Word and for many to use Derek’s material.

  • Pray for the workers needed to design covers for the new books in progress (Set Apart for God; Ultimate Security; Prophetic Guide to the End Times). 

December 14—Switzerland  

  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance for moving forward in the coming year.

  • Pray for the right people to join the team who have the vision to help accomplish this.




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