Keeping DPM in Prayer

August 13th - August 19th

August 13—Botswana

  • Pray for safe delivery of Mega Voice players to Christian leaders and hospital workers and that Derek’s teaching will be wisely used to train students, pastors and other leaders.

  • Pray for Ina as she edits and does layout of the Tswana Life-Changing Spiritual Power book.

  • Pray for the Lord to move sovereignly among the San Bushmen people who are deep in witchcraft so that this power will be broken over their lives and many will come to the Lord.

August 14—Albania

  • Pray for successful printing of the Foundation Series, The Harvest Just Ahead, and The Two Harvests.

  • Pray for successful distribution of DPM material and new doors to open for Derek´s teaching.

  • Pray for the newly elected government officials to be God-fearing and have favor toward believers and Christian activities.

August 15—Mozambique

  • Pray for safe distribution of the Mega Voice players and that leaders who share Derek’s teaching in their churches and Bible schools will see many receive salvation, healing and deliverance.

Praise & Thanksgiving: Angola

  • Pastors are asking for more of Derek’s material as many are being touched by his teaching. In one part of
    Angola, people travelled across a desert by train for five days to get material and return home. In Luanda, two people testified of being cured from HIV/AIDS, and four people who suffered from back pain for over two years were healed.

August 16—Netherlands

  • Pray for favor and wisdom for Ivar, Marly and other workers as they move ahead with various projects, including the popular online courses and production and distribution of Derek’s material, and seek to increase contact with potential ministry friends and supporters.

  • Pray for abundant finances to be able to complete the goals remaining for this year.

August 17—Ukraine

War with Russia continues, and refugees are still escaping the war zone, while some civilians are killed.

  • Pray for Christians in both Ukraine and Russia to seek peace and bring hope.

  • Pray that Derek’s material can be shared with refugees through churches and other channels.

Praise & Thanksgiving: Armenia

  • The Self-Study Bible Course has been reprinted in Armenian as the younger generation doesn’t read Russian now. Many prison ministries and rehab centers use this book to disciple believers.

  • A prison ministry sent this testimony written by a group of inmates:“Derek’s books bring hope and joy. We started to read them in a very desperate time when we didn’t have any hope for the future and were suffering because of the injustices of life and self-condemnation. The greatest help was God's Remedy for Rejection. After reading it, we started to believe and sensed there was Someone who loves us and cares for us, and that was God. Then we started to go deeper in reading Derek’s books. Thank you again for your life-giving ministry.”

August 18—Israel

  • Pray for more open doors for sharing Derek’s materials—with churches, groups, individuals, etc.

  • Pray for the Jewish people to be increasingly receptive to the books published and to the Hebrew and English websites and phone Apps for Derek Prince Israel.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • The hearts of the Jewish people continue to open and become more receptive to Jesus! Pray for their protection from terrorism in Israel.

  • We are grateful to be able to encourage many people worldwide through our outreach newsletter.

August 19—Poland

  • Pray for DPM directors, Marek and Agnieszka, and their team to have the needed skills, finances and volunteer help to successfully complete all their projects, including work on the new website.

  • Pray for a good response to the new books: Will You Intercede? and Pulling Down Strongholds and that many will be touched and changed by these teachings.

  • Pray for new ways of reaching believers from traditional churches.




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