Claiming Our Inheritance

Week 1
 Recent Media Uploads 
Candid Conversation (download)
Saturday, 7/27/2013
Material Benefits of Redemption (download)
Friday, 7/26/2013
Physical Benefits of Redemption (download)
Thursday, 7/25/2013
Spiritual Benefits of Redemption (download)
Wednesday, 7/24/2013
From Curse to Blessing (download)
Tuesday, 7/23/2013
Deliverance through Redemption (download)
Monday, 7/22/2013

Week 2
 Recent Media Uploads 
All God’s Promises Are Now Available to Us (download)
Friday, 8/2/2013
The Promises Are Our Inheritance (download)
Thursday, 8/1/2013
God’s Provision Is in His Promises (download)
Wednesday, 7/31/2013
The Holy Spirit: Our Servant-Guide (download)
Tuesday, 7/30/2013
The Holy Spirit: Our Helper (download)
Monday, 7/29/2013
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