Keeping DPM in Prayer

March 19th - March 25th


March 19—Slovakia

  • In the last two years, many thousands of Derek’s Teaching Letters have been distributed to different denominations. Pray that these teachings will strengthen the faith of believers, equip them for ministry and motivate them in using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray that Derek’s teaching will help stir the hearts of church leaders to love and true unity in Christ and encourage believers to keep their eyes focused on Him and demonstrate His power.


  • We praise the Lord for His ongoing favor with church leaders.
  • We are very grateful for faithful coworkers Eduard and Katarina who are a tremendous help and inspiration for others.
  • We have now successfully completed the translation of three books: Protection from Deception, The First Mile and Power of the Sacrifice, and hope to have them printed and ready for distribution as soon as possible.

March 20—South Africa

  • Many French-speaking people who live in Pretoria are from French-speaking nations in Africa and would like to have an evening each month to view French DVD teachings. Pray for wisdom for the team about possibly starting this.
  • Pray also for increased attendance at the monthly English DVD evenings held in the inner city.


  • We thank God for those who have received and applied Derek’s teaching and are now ministering effectively across Africa.
  • I am so grateful for our donors, prayer supporters and skilled, committed staff members Jennette, Ina, Malcolm and Virginia. We praise God over all for His great faithfulness.
  • Hope, a prominent educator from Thohoyandou, Venda Province, has been effectively using Derek’s teaching for the past 12 years with other teachers and seeing major improvement in the education field. She has been teaching a new group of student leaders and church members for the past 18 months. They have worked through the Self-Study Bible Course, The Foundations teaching, and 12 Steps to a Good Year. Those who complete the course receive a certificate. The pastor has seen the impact in his church members and is encouraging Hope to continue. She teaches in English, Venda and Tsonga and considers it an honor to teach the Venda-speaking people from Derek’s material.

March 21—Philippines

  • Pray for God’s protection for Director John Cochrane as he travels the country ministering and distributing Derek’s books. Many roads are very congested and in bad condition, making driving difficult and dangerous.
  • The Self-Study Bible Course and The Divine Exchange in Tagalog are being printed and used among the Filipino community in the Middle East. Pray that these books will help many have a strong understanding of God’s Word.

March 22—Croatia

  • Pray for Diana (graphic designer) as she works on desktop publishing to produce 76 Teaching Letters this year for distribution to churches for their congregations.
  • The foundational teaching booklets (sets of 10) are being distributed. Pray that church leaders will embrace this teaching and use it to help new believers lay a solid foundation of faith in their lives.
  • The Croatian team would like to reach every denomination in Croatia with Derek’s teaching. Pray for Damir (and his family) to walk in the Lord’s wisdom and strength in their planned projects.


  • A Roman Catholic theologian, who himself has written a few books, came across Derek´s material. He called Damir and said he is very pleased with Derek´s teachings and was very blessed through them. So he bought books for his friends as well. We are thankful for the increasing hunger for sound Bible teaching among Croatian believers.

March 23—China

  • Pray for those building the new Chinese language website that will be specifically for use inside China where battles and restrictions are faced that are not encountered in most other countries. 
  • Pray that the valuable pdf, audio and audio-visual teachings on the site will reach and change many lives across China.

March 24—Norway

  • Pray for the board members and their families as they work to distribute Derek’s teaching in Scandinavia.
  • Youth groups have started using Derek’s Bible study materials. Pray for the Lord to stir their hearts and bring changes to their lives when they apply his teaching.


  • We praise God for funds from new partners and also those from Sweden, Finland and Denmark!
  • We thank the Lord for His grace and mercy and rejoice for having been enabled to give 15 years of service to DPM in Scandinavia.

March 25—Nepal

  • Derek’s books, Ultimate Security and Where Wisdom Begins, have now been printed in Nepali for the first time. Pray for widespread distribution and that many people would be changed by this teaching.


  • Testimony received from Nawaraj of Nawalparasi District: “We thank you and are grateful to you for providing the whole set of books by Derek Prince for our library. Our leaders and youth are devouring every page of Foundations for Life, Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting, and others. Our youth are using the Self-Study Bible Course to learn and teach other youth. I had never seen such wonderful spiritual resources. How I wish every Christian could possess these books.”
  • Numerous Gurung and Magar people, many of whom are serving in the Indian and Nepalese armies, are coming to Christ due to being healed after reading Derek’s books. We prayed for two demon-possessed men and gave them They Shall Expel Demons, and they have been delivered.

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